Vacheron Constantin 250 years makes classic elegance

        Vacheron Constantin 250 years created the classic elegant watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Vacheron Constantin annually produces more than 2 watch. Just as OPEC crude oil output restrictions to raise oil prices the same. Of course, Vacheron Constantin and OPEC are different. Crude oil is the mass consumer goods, Vacheron Constantin is a noble art.           Jean Mare Vacheron Vacheron Constantin,, founded in 1775, has a long history, the founder of Vacheron Constantin is the philosopher let · Mark · Washlon (Jean MarcVacheron), Rousseau and Voltaire are good friends. Established the world’s first watch factory, started manufacturing quality and elegant watch. Today these clocks still bear his name. This tabulation factory is the predecessor of Vacheron Constantin. Subsequently, Vacheron Sun Zihe Francos Constantin work together, watch factory name changed to Vacheron Constantin — that is the name of Vacheron Constantin watch factory today, two people made the long-term goals, including: design, excellent quality and excellent taste etc.. Worth seeing is Vacheron Constantin has spent 250 years — the watch industry is the most important Swiss industry, no matter in the past or in today, Vacheron Constantin has always play an important role in the history of the Swiss watch industry.           thus to end, chronometer Vacheron Constantin launched were filled with elegant taste and exquisite technology. On the aesthetic and the pursuit of science and technology more allow all doubt; this eternal image let Vacheron Constantin made a solid position in the watch market. Vacheron Constantin noble international reputation also comes from a commitment to customers, creating unique extraordinary watch, to not less than five hundred pieces of hand parts Grande Comolication watch, play no less than fifteen kinds of function; witness the quality assurance of superior technology Vacheron Constantin. A huge clock from philosophy attic family from formation to development, and be handed down from age to age more than two centuries, Vacheron Constantin vitality is amazing. In 1775, the young philosopher let · Mark · Washlon (JeanMarcVacheron) for the study of philosophy, to join the watch business, established the world’s first watch factory. As Rousseau and Voltaire’s good friend, one of the 800 craftsmen also when Switzerland watch live on technology, with its excellent quality,, Washlon product is elegant limited products, quickly won the favor of the aristocracy in France and Italy. Now Vacheron Constantin global marketing director Julien tried to explain the relationship between the watchmaker and philosopher:".

Earl PIAGET China largest stores in Suzhou

        PIAGET Chinese count the largest stores in Suzhou brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watchesThe Earl of

PIAGET China largest stores in Suzhou

store design uphold the brand has always been the unique concise lines and classic aesthetic,, a total area of 208 square meters, is the largest area in Chinese Earl brand stores, the show table number and grade is the one and only the domestic jewelry. The store into, as into the ultimate noble and beautiful Earl hall, a large number of deep blue mirror and blue Zhangui decoration, with light refraction Ambilight, luxurious yet elegant, to streamline the layout design to shape, so that the entire store brand extremely dignified atmosphere. When the VIP electric sliding door slowly opened, distinguished chamber layout is more dazzling, from badges when collection, no details not revealed that one of Europe’s top luxury brand royal.

      at the opening ceremony of grand, Earl brand global president Mr. Zhenjie with international brand director Mr. eduoard cottin, Mr. Gu Teng,, President of the Asia Pacific region, Chinese director general manager Mr. Ma Wenxing, together with the special guest Xiong Dailin and Suzhou Taihua mall director general manager Mr. Su Haifeng and the Hongkong Oriental watch Holdings Limited Mr. Cai Guoqin ribbon cutting ceremony for the Earl store.

      the opening ceremony of the day, a beautiful classic jewelry watches exhibition, leading the guests together through hundreds of years of time to go over the count’s elegant, classic past. To all the guests to experience a hitherto unknown visual shock and heart beating. Finally, special guest Xiong Dailin wearing the count advanced jewelry play ends,, the wearing of global limited only one set of Earl senior jewelry corset series of 18K white gold diamond necklace, with 283 diamond (weighing about 25.75 karats) and 18K white gold diamond rings and earrings. Wrist wearing limelight 18K White Gold Diamond Watch, the total value of about fourteen million yuan,, to the distinguished character of its vulgarity, once again to the count’s rare splendor to cover the magnesium lamp light.

Frank Muller (Franck Muller) the new three axis Tourbillon 9

        Frank · Muller (Franck Muller): the new three axis Tourbillon 9850 Evolution 3 watch brands, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   Frank · Muller through some barrel shaped casing and a unique dial design has become the way it the famous symbol. Over the past few years and the launch of Revolotion 1 to 3 Tourbillon has hit some of the world’s first breakthrough, thus proving its extraordinary achievements in the watch complex skills.         original idea 9850 Evolution 3-1 three axis tourbillon, Tourbillon framework is three even, respectively with three axis movement, so in an hour,, Tourbillon almost successively at different levels of all positions, also can offset any possible error. To achieve this effect, the first frame of dual spring drum through the minute wheel drive per hour running in a circle; the first frame and then push the second frame every eight minutes running in a circle; tourbillon escapement system and is provided with a balance wheel in the second frame per minute to complete a circle rotation. Watch connoisseurs in addition to witness this genius design, can also enjoy the tabulation of one of history’s most complex technology of three axis Tourbillon operation is as the acme of perfection of the scene.


        Nicholas name,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches the international famous brand, MontBlanc announced the appointment of internationally famous Hollywood actress Nicholas · Cage as the third international brand ambassador for MontBlanc, and "to help others – achievement is defined" activity play a leading role. Brand origin and the art of writing MontBlanc (Culture) closely, implement support many kinds of artistic and cultural projects. Brand in this activity lasted for decades, including "MontBlanc International Arts patronage Award", since 1992, every year people praise to promote art and culture.   Nicholas · the new timer Cage featuring a new focus in the two MontBlanc: "MontBlanc star Greenwich automatic chronograph" and "MontBlanc TimeWalker" automatic timer. Like all MontBlanc watches,, these new timer is arranged by Swiss   Le  Locle  Montblanc  Montre  S.A watch factory. "MontBlanc TimeWalker" automatic timer design clear and direct, show uncut, surface and table ears of modern design. This watch can provide various timepiece effectiveness.   as for the "MontBlanc star Greenwich automatic chronograph" featured in the official Swiss watch timer verification Bureau (COSC) recognized movement, and the GMT international time display, convenient calculation remote time,, sapphire crystal surface visible after the timer is running, a blend of traditional design elements and advanced timing skills.  

Watch related tips

        related small common sense watches brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   what is the performance of faults and manufacturing defects? According to the State Bureau of technical supervision and other departments on " part replacement return of goods repair liability specified in " the performance of fault, refers to the product does not comply with the safety, hygiene requirements, unreasonable danger endanger personal and property safety, performance, or do not have to use the product should have, or do not meet the obvious quality situation. To watch this kind of timing instrument, performance fault refers to as core parts manufacturing defects, the assembly quality is not high, and the user watches caused by artificial factors such as stop and go, the automatic failure of the calendar,, weekly calendar does not work, do not go to the rated time, not corrected traveltime ultra poor are not up to the quality fault express status. Manufacturing defects on watch, refers to the movement, parts specifications do not meet quality standards, do not meet the use requirements, such as the shortage of the balance wheel tooth, uneven not round, and surface uneven scale defects caused by the asymmetric case, the non use of factors. Why can’t the mechanical watch is adjusted to no error? Mechanical watch accuracy depends mainly on the balance wheel hairspring produces frequency stability degree to ensure. Due to internal and external table machine in use process many factors, resulting in the balance wheel hairspring harmonic vibration, so watch errors, carefully adjusting also can make the error decreases relatively, but can not be completely ruled out, so, watch as long as consistent with the table when the precision index, namely qualified table. Some automatic watch why still retain a mechanism on the hand? It has two main functions: 1) if the automatic watch wearer activities that quantity is small, especially some lady, can quickly use the hand of a mechanism to wound, not to watch because of lack of power and the lockout. 2) when the automatic mechanism failure effect on article, can use manual, so that the continuation of the watch. Watch the occasional a shut down Is it right? Fault? Watch the occasional a shut down, but only after the travel time to return to normal, but whether it temporarily. Because of some random factors: such as forgotten, teasing needle and forgot to push the handle head, or in the process of using a chance by the vibration of the hairspring hang, or some parts stuck would lead to shut down, but then can restore normal. So watch the occasional stop not a what problem, as long as can restore normal travel time can be timely,, but if often shut down, need to check and repair. The clock is not the fault of the ultra poor? Whether the mechanical clock or quartz watch has a corresponding quality standards, travel time has certain error. The clock accuracy is relative, absolute accuracy, a little bad watch is impossible,, but as long as it meets the traveltime quality standards of the watch is qualified clocks. Watch before they leave the factory in accordance with the regulations can be re calibrated, the calibration at the time of sale, the sale of standard, such as individual ultra poor, adjustment calibrated after the sale. Watch different due to the use of people and the conditions of use, individual view

The three Swiss watch watch knowledge (wearing a watch must see)

        the three Swiss watch watch knowledge (wearing a watch must watch brand), the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   tradition and fashion are thinking will watch as a local clothing — clothing. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes upside down to see the world, the world will become more bright and magic, if upside down up we watch and clothing relationship, perhaps, our fashion style and good identity and therefore more harmonious, more calm. In the relationship between clothing and watches, rather the fox body and fox’s tail means: local more than the whole. As the fox’s tail is longer than the body,, watch more expensive than clothing. The relationship between the watches and clothing so and subtle, or have the satisfaction of the clothes and can not find a matching watches, or the color of the watch but can not find the clothes can be show. You can have a room full of clothes, but you can not have one room to watch; clothes with the current unsettled, watches the action is obviously much slower, although different watch brand launched styles in one season add up, however, you may not be matching with the garment watch all back capsule. Tradition and fashion are thinking will watch as a local clothing — clothing. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes upside down to see the world, the world will become more bright and magic, if upside down up we watch and clothing relationship, perhaps, our fashion style and good identity and therefore more harmonious, more calm. The first purchase for his watch, and then the clothing to match — to watch as the focus, rather than the clothes. Wrist watch this card "fox’s tail" is to from the edge to the center, it is because of its importance. Watch the importance lies not only in the timing, the functions of the current basic mobile phone and computer to be replaced, of course, for people to watch movement, critical timing function, but it is a few people. For the fashion people, watch the importance is that it shows more of identity. This argument in fashion, "the rich play table,, poor car……." Set aside specifically for collection and appreciation watch does not say, even the most mass production of watches also have monetary value, so a wrist watch, often imply that the owner’s wealth and honour. And how to choose to watch, on different occasions such as business, sports, leisure, social organization based in wear what style, what brand of watches,, have different stress, a piece of table in the dress of behavior for all occasions "winner" is not feasible, it is not a quality performance. A real taste of people in different occasions with different watch, because it not only expresses the owner’s wealth and status, but also show the unique taste of the owner. Compared with the clothes, watch flash in behavior between, in addition to echoes and clothing, it can increase people’s confidence and temperament. One of them with a don’t wear a watch, are two completely different people of different identities.

Breitling watch official web site

        breitling watches watches brand official website,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, Breitling watches price / sapphire watches Breitling watch pictures / Breitling breitling watches to appreciate the offer / picture / forum / Breitling breitling watches pictures forum / breitling watches price / Breitling watch price / breitling watches all styles / breitling watches / Breitling watch type query / Breitling watch official web site (

A 18 carat gold Rolex Rolex new world record three hundred and sixty thousand in Switzerland

        a 18 karat gold Rolex Rolex new world record three hundred and sixty thousand Swiss francs watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches a 18K Gold Rolex of Rolex Daytona in Antiquorum Antiquorum Geneva spring auction has a new world record the three hundred and sixty thousand Swiss francs       Antiquorum Antiquorum is the world’s leading watch auctioneer, he was in Geneva recently held "an important collector of watches, pocket watch, clock and watch tool" auction. In this auction, he achieved a total of 5419584 Swiss francs and astonishing record. The auction will provide a four hundred and eighty-one clock, realize the quantity sales sales amount of 109.62% and 78.36%.       from Germany,, Switzerland, Italy,, the Russian Federation and American strong buying interest, and strong demand from the Internet is finally implemented in this weekend, good performance Grand Hotel Kempinski live auction.       the winner of the auction is a Rolex 18K Rolex " baguette diamond cosmograph", reference number 6270 (auction 476). This is a very fine and rare watch, with 18K yellow gold, bezel set with twenty-eight baguette cut diamonds, after the auction floor a fierce rivalry, his auction finally reached the total price of three hundred and sixty thousand Swiss francs.       Ref. 6270 " baguette diamond cosmograph" Rolex, " cosmograph, oyster (superlative chronometer,, officially certified " Ref. 6270/6263.), made in 1985, extremely beautiful and rare, waterproof, 18K yellow gold, round Chronograph buttons, counter, bezel set with twenty-eight baguette cut diamond, dial set with 240 diamonds and 9 sapphires.

007 OMEGA watches price make

        OMEGA 007 price make watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch Omegamania is composed of world famous watch auction house Antiquorum auction companies sponsored, in the auctions were taken the price of 6536911 Swiss francs, including in the history of the auction appeared the highest price of OMEGA watches. OMEGA more than 300 pieces of classic and by Daniel · Craig (Daniel Craig) in the latest 007 movie "007: Casino Royale" in World War II wearing the watch, in Geneva Omegamania auction successfully to 6500000 Swiss francs all take, far higher than three times its estimated in the preview at. Through intense Jingpai Italy,, Japan and Switzerland Jingpai, luxury watches a 1953 production of OMEGA platinum constellation finally get to 413700 Swiss francs by the Swiss bidders. The venue the auction via satellite link bidding on Saturday and Sunday to set up the main venue in Geneva and Basel jewelry watches exhibition synchronously, this is the first time in the global auction using two satellite meeting actually took the connection mode. In addition, the global total of 48500 people participated in the auction process in the network,, and a 1/3 auction by auction sold.

The world’s most expensive watches brand watches

        the world’s most expensive watches / watches brand watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the most expensive watches: Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe Patek Philippe) was founded in 1839. Table the average retail price of $13000 to $20000. The company is one of the truly independent watchmakers of Switzerland only,, are beginning to the end of their production, training of a PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) table division takes 10 years time. Who will accompany you 24 hours, noble, mark watch is a noble lovers have a Patek Philippe table, noble art realm and expensive materials shaping Patek Philippe Jingjiubushuai the brand effect. Not long ago, Patek Philippe once again refresh the antique table world auction record, a 1933 USA a banker customized watches, the transaction price as high as $11000000. This table has 24 kinds of features, design time spent 3 years, and 5 years to make. Production of a table for 8 years,, this is how the consciousness of fine. With such a strong consciousness, in its company was founded more than a century and a half since so far, only about 600000 of total output. The Patek Philippe is praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct, not because the market made a star and overcharging. The factory has a secret workshop,, more than 100 years maintained a tradition, that every year only create a handmade product, its price of around 30000000 yuan, who will receive this watch,, at least to have the patience to wait for 8 to 10 years. Ask, such products will decline?   below is in recent years the global auction market watches auction records, once again confirms Patek Philippe is fully deserve the most expensive watch brand