Wearing a sports coat luxury Chronograph Heuer

        wearing a sports coat luxury Chronograph Heuer watches brand,www.finest4uwatch.com, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches golfer Tiger · Woods, tennis player Sharapova, basketball player Xing Yaoming, F1 drivers Montoya and Lai Kening…… Chinese first saw TAG Heuer, always be the famous athletes seriously worn on the wrist, and then have a look the tag heuer products catalog, golf series, car series,http://www.finest-swiss-watch.com, diving series…… So we believe "Hoya" is a professional sports brand. From the beginning of 2005, it suddenly appeared in the Brad · Peter and Uma · Mundy’s wrist — the two Hollywood star is famous in the world, but their lives are really with any movement it doesn’t matter substantial. From the sports star to movie stars, TAG Heuer huge spokesperson team began to make people feel at a loss: is this the most famous in the Chinese sports watch brand changed my direction? LVMH is involved, brought these changes for the tag heuer. Philippe Pascal, chairman of LVMH group, jewelry and watches division, "TAG Heuer" to read out the pronunciation of French general like "tiger · Joel", a tag heuer’s latest SRL racing table wear on his wrist, let his suit tie looks a little strange. Philippe Pascal very seriously said: "’tag heuer’ is not a sport watch. But adhering to the spirit of the high-end luxury watch movement". The maximum from the world of luxury group president is not satisfied with the people usually cognition of TAG Heuer, he want to let everybody know, the tag heuer brand under the purview of LVMH "from the beginning of 2005, the tag heuer" has developed towards the high-end luxury road stride Sharapova endorsement of the tag heuer –F1 diamond watch (Figure 2) was founded in 1860 in Switzerland "tag heuer" has been in the production of famous sport timer. Wheel patent adjustment from the oscillator in 1882 the first timer of mechanical system of patent to 1887, from 1916 to launch the first accurate up to 1/100 seconds of time measurement system, to the first time in 1966 launched a precision micro timer of 1/1000 seconds, and then to the 1969 launch of the article with a miniature turntable automatic chronograph system,www.vipwatchmall.com, "Hoya" feature is the precise timing performance. But with many Swiss made watch brand than, in the end price but never let them take it as a luxury view. In Philippe Pascal’s view,http://www.aphublot.com, should also have everyone can afford high-end luxury products. "Tag heuer products manufactured, not to let a person of, but in order to let more people to use. Luxury property tag heuer is the process of better quality, more functions and better, and is not only very high price." Rather let Philippe P.

Maintenance of machinery list

        maintenance of the watch brand mechanical watches, mechanical watches, Swiss watch brand, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches mechanical watches repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with waterproof function, otherwise must avoid watchcase of water, because water will cause mechanical corrosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, also can have a waterproof guarantee a year, because the table waterproof ring after a full year loss, external factors plus sweat, dust and various inevitable, will be tired,www.watchonhere.com, so after a year of new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise not have waterproof function. Waterproof, more to prevent collision. In the scope of economic capabilities permit, may wish to have two or three tables in daily life to replace: mechanical watch wearing static activities, engaged in sports is wearing a sports watch,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, so use suit one’s measures to local conditions, can prolong the using life table. Mechanical table by the mechanical gear and driven to rotate winding operation, will inevitably produce friction, so long must refueling, lubrication, to reduce wear parts. Otherwise, wait until the trouble to repair, often the problem is very serious. Mechanical watch the best every year to return home, have a look have without inspection or improper use case of water. In particular, the hot and humid climate of Taiwan, sweat, rain and dirty air, etc. for many years accumulation, caused by chronic erosion of the machinery,www.vipwatchmall.com, the frequency and extent of damage than Europe and the United States, Japan high many, so check very important; then every three years to make a thorough cleaning,www.finest4uwatch.com, maintenance. Maintenance and repair of the most insurance, give the agency shop processing orthodox safer. Internal cleaning must be handed over to a professional chef, cleaning work and external mechanical table, the Lord might do it yourself; with a soft brush with cleaning liquid scrub strap, finally rinse with water. Clean up the case with water-proof function can also be used this way; not have waterproof function watchcase don’t scrub. Daily cleaning of the external work is very important, because the sweat, dust and even subtle undetectable, actually still continue to accumulate, not be clean, strap will rust, decay or embrittlement. So the best master Qijia cleaning. Pay attention to the waterproof watch waterproof, anti water function 1: thin sheet, art table, table, jewelry table lady of many of the recommendations, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch 2 water resistance device 30M; ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. More than 3 of the watch waterproof device 100M, rear lid lock tooth way, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch 200M; diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.

The three Swiss watch watch knowledge (wearing a watch must see)

        the three Swiss watch watch knowledge (wearing a watch must watch brand), the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,www.watchsaleprice.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   tradition and fashion are thinking will watch as a local clothing — clothing. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes upside down to see the world, the world will become more bright and magic, if upside down up we watch and clothing relationship, perhaps, our fashion style and good identity and therefore more harmonious, more calm. In the relationship between clothing and watches, rather the fox body and fox’s tail means: local more than the whole. As the fox’s tail is longer than the body,www.finest4uwatch.com, watch more expensive than clothing. The relationship between the watches and clothing so and subtle, or have the satisfaction of the clothes and can not find a matching watches, or the color of the watch but can not find the clothes can be show. You can have a room full of clothes, but you can not have one room to watch; clothes with the current unsettled, watches the action is obviously much slower, although different watch brand launched styles in one season add up, however, you may not be matching with the garment watch all back capsule. Tradition and fashion are thinking will watch as a local clothing — clothing. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes upside down to see the world, the world will become more bright and magic, if upside down up we watch and clothing relationship, perhaps, our fashion style and good identity and therefore more harmonious, more calm. The first purchase for his watch, and then the clothing to match — to watch as the focus, rather than the clothes. Wrist watch this card "fox’s tail" is to from the edge to the center, it is because of its importance. Watch the importance lies not only in the timing, the functions of the current basic mobile phone and computer to be replaced, of course, for people to watch movement, critical timing function, but it is a few people. For the fashion people, watch the importance is that it shows more of identity. This argument in fashion, "the rich play table,www.watchonlysale.com, poor car……." Set aside specifically for collection and appreciation watch does not say, even the most mass production of watches also have monetary value, so a wrist watch, often imply that the owner’s wealth and honour. And how to choose to watch, on different occasions such as business, sports, leisure, social organization based in wear what style, what brand of watches,http://www.watchonlysale.com, have different stress, a piece of table in the dress of behavior for all occasions "winner" is not feasible, it is not a quality performance. A real taste of people in different occasions with different watch, because it not only expresses the owner’s wealth and status, but also show the unique taste of the owner. Compared with the clothes, watch flash in behavior between, in addition to echoes and clothing, it can increase people’s confidence and temperament. One of them with a don’t wear a watch, are two completely different people of different identities.

OMEGA has become the strategic partner of Chinese Golf Association

        OMEGA has become Chinese Golf Association strategic partner brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,www.luxuryladywatch.com, quartz watches, sapphire watches in new network Kunshan on thirty August, the Swiss OMEGA watches here today and China Golf Association was formally signed, the association to become strategic partners. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement for a period of three years. Director, management center of the State General Administration of sports of ball movement China Golf Association executive vice chairman and Secretary General Zhang Xiaoning said, in addition to OMEGA golf tournament title sponsor Chinese occupation, will be in the golf education, training and other aspects of all-round cooperation Chinese golf association. "OMEGA’s philosophy and the high society concept is very close, the two sides can be fit in easily with. Believe in high society and the OMEGA cooperation will be long. Represents the accurate and standard OMEGA joined the marks to further enhance the high society events organized in the grade of the future, to further improve the management standard, further rigorous." Zhang Xiaoning said. The president of OMEGA Chinese and Hongkong District Lu Keqin said: "sponsored by the title sponsor Chinese Golf Association Chinese tour,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, OMEGA will be as in the past to promote the development of golf in Chinese." With over 150 years history of OMEGA hopes to "cooperation with the high society can last one hundred years". Signed with OMEGA’s China player Zhang Lianwei in today’s press conference that,www.finest4uwatch.com, fifteen years ago, OMEGA began to support him, today the company with high CO signing to support China golf,www.breitling-heuer.com, believe Chinese golf will therefore get more rapid development.

Patek Philippe logo. Patek Philippe

        Patek Philippe: mark of Nobility: watch brand Patek Philippe, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch Patek PhilippePatek Philippe Patek Philippe: logo.             who will accompany you for 24 hours, the nobility logo watch enthusiasts,www.breitling-heuer.com, nobility is to have a Patek Philippe watch,http://www.watchonlysale.com, noble art realm and expensive materials shaping Patek Philippe Jingjiubushuai the brand effect. Not long ago, Patek Philippe once again refresh the antique table world auction record, a 1933 America a banker customized watches,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, the transaction price as high as $11000000. This table has 24 kinds of features, design time spent 3 years, and 5 years to make. Production of a table for 8 years, this is how the consciousness of fine. With such a strong sense of, in the company was founded more than a century and a half has since, only total around 600000. It is praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct, Patek Philippe not because the market made a star and overcharging. The factory has a secret workshop, more than 100 years maintained a tradition, that every year only create a handmade product,www.finest4uwatch.com, its price of around 30000000 yuan, who will receive this watch, at least to have the patience to wait for 8 to 10 years. Ask, such products will decline? Patek Philippe website also reflects a fresh, simple, click 18 karat gold surface pattern, lists the types, this is China’s Hongkong, Taiwan and other places of experts on the first ten world antique table in the ranking: Patek Philippe. Registration: Switzerland

Gold watchcase statue of sun rays Datuo flywheel Watch

        gold watchcase statue Datuo flywheel sun ray watches watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,http://www.finest-swiss-watch.com, quartz watch,www.finest-swiss-watch.com, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   Gerald Genta Octo Tourbillon Sunray 42.5mm 18kt gold case,http://www.watchonhere.com, anti glare sapphire table mirror, waterproof 100 meters.   automatic movement, caliber GG9051 54 drilling, vibration frequency of 21600 BPH,www.finest4uwatch.com, 64 hours dynamic storage, tourbillon.

The noble status symbol million entry-level Watch

        noble status symbol million entry-level watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand,http://www.luxuryladywatch.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Keywords: Mido radar     time seems to be solidified, they like a piece of jade, quietly waiting for you to select one of them, lift, winding, henceforth give it life. Compared with the quartz watch,http://www.finest-watch-sale.com, mechanical watch is a choice choose a playing fun. Million current recommendations about entry-level mechanical watch, regardless of the brand reputation or watch quality, enough to let you have wonderful play table first experience. Tissot PRS516 Valjoux classic mechanical car automatic chain Chronograph recommend reason: low price, high quality, multi function reference price: 8700 yuan this strip of black is a speed pursuit of those who watch designed, design inspiration from the 1970 Tissot PR516 racing sports watch,www.breitling-heuer.com, following the 2004 launch of copy, Tissot launched this series of the most advanced PRS516 Valjoux watch. Using 7750 Valjoux automatic movement, 100 meters waterproof function,www.finest4uwatch.com, the function of timing, week and calendar display, keep the perforation type strap features, and a small hole on the watchband is drawn from the sports racing car market design. Timer dial square glyph, like sports car within the speed meter, unique and bold colors, dynamic and passionate. Mido perfect series Observatory certification watch recommend reason: high price reference price: 7900 yuan a perfect series of design inspiration comes from the ancient Rome arena, on the wrist to show a permanent artistic beauty, this table also has a timeless design and flawless quality. While the observatory certification can ensure the accuracy and stability of the watch, to enhance the brand value, although some expensive than the same level of ordinary grade watches, but more value, worthy of recommendation. In the dial on the "Chronometer" word, it is a sign of observatory certification. Radar precision ceramic automatic mechanical watch really drill series recommended reason: Streamline simple classic reference price: 18600 yuan fine ceramics series pioneered the use of high-tech ceramic material as the strap of each part of the link, chic smooth contours and full of luster become radar table of the iconic shape. This kind of precision ceramic automatic mechanical watch really drill series XL is this year at the Basel Watch Fair launched new, inherited the excellent quality and the changing circulation of light and shadow, the silent black dial, flashing 4 diamonds scale. Platinum color high-tech ceramic table section delicate, rich rhythm and metal parts linked. Contrast, flexible black and silver elegant, com. Dial plate, a movable oscillating anchor symbol automatic mechanical movement inherent. This is the sign of radar table all mechanical movement

Patek Philippe became the world’s most expensive watches 1100000 pounds

        Patek Philippe to become the world’s most expensive watches 1100000 watch brand,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,http://www.omega-moon.com, sapphire watches by a famous Swiss watch manufacturing company Patek Philippe in 1932 to create the world, the one and only super large single button chronograph wristwatch,http://www.watch4usale.com, a Sotheby’s auction in Switzerland for 1100000 pounds at auction, this watch has thus become the world’s most expensive watches. This watch the previous owner is Italy’s former Ferrari driver Carlo Felice · · Tero and the count. Teloch deeply obsessed with extreme sports, was a racecar driver and speed boat racing, also become a pioneer of flight. Sotheby’s responsible person said: "this watch manufacturing in 1932,www.finest4uwatch.com, has great symbolic significance and historical importance. The watch is Tero and selected as the common timer, used in racing and flight movement, to achieve precise timing to reading function excellent." On the day of the auction, a total of more than 200 watches with the auction. A built in 1980, named "Paul Newman" Rolex watches with the price of 76000 pounds was bought.

Hamilton launched a new Jazz Masters Chronograph Automatic (Figure)

        Hamilton launched a new Jazz Masters Chronograph Automatic (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch design style, become a new generation of consumers, the one and only mechanical watch brand of choice, in 2010 March into the fashion landmark Taipei 101, not only provide provides a wide range of choices for a low-key luxury taste, exclusive limited classic watches are also provided. TAIPEI 101 Jazzmaster Chrono Auto exclusive classical form to modern style,www.finest4uwatch.com, classical and restrained, to show the wearer elegant taste. Jazzmaster Chrono Auto series into the small details of low-key luxury, watchcase lines concise,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, ETA 7753 automatic chronograph movement, 42mm table size with new color – the Milky Way ash laser dial,www.breitling-heuer.com, blue steel pointer jumping on the Milky Way ash laser dial, create a concise style shine,www.finest-watch-sale.com, three seconds for /30 minutes /12 hour bezel set on the dial plate, special shape date window is located at four points to the six o’clock position, date clearly visible; innovative dial color and special type of hat date window, with a kind of classic and fresh style, this table TAIPEI 101 limited introduction of 5.

Earn enough 110000000 music from how many people are willing to

        has a price 30 million house, then have a ten million "toys" (car, yacht, watches), with 20 to 30 million in cash, you can do it "does not work, can the quality of life" — 110000000 yuan, regarded by Hu Run as the "music

has a market value of two million house, then have a ten million "toys" (car, yacht, watches), with 20 to 30 million in cash, you can do it "does not work, can the quality of life" — 110000000 yuan, regarded by Hu Run as "one of the threshold can roll back". At the same time, "music from" the best age is 45 years old, because if you are 60 years old, it was forced to retire, do not belong to the "music back" category. Hu Run thinks, Chinese now has 55000 people to meet this condition. But how many people are willing to "retreat"? "Not many." Hu Run admitted to reporters, "Le back" for China entrepreneurs,www.omega-moon.com, the acceptance is not high.

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40 years after the birth of

Qing every year 2/3 time is still in the market first run. As he was 60 years old, for the new factory site inspection, his 12 day run most of China, still do not take part in any sports leisure activities include golf. I am SB


Barclays Wealth at the end of 2010 has released a research report said, "never retire" continue to emerge in the society, about 60% of the world’s rich people are choosing to work in after reaching retirement age. The survey of more than 2000 wealthy individuals, 500 of them from the Asia Pacific region. Survey found that, in the global scope,http://www.omega-moon.com, about 60% wealthy people, the respondents wanted to continue working in retirement. I am SB

in emerging markets, the higher percentage. Investigation shows, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and South African respondents were 92%, 91% and 89% of the people want to continue working in retirement, and hold the idea of people in the UK and America respectively 60% and 54%; in Japan, Spain and, the rates were 46%, 43.9% and 34.3%. The report predicts, in the next 10 years, more and more people will become "never retired". I am SB

in Switzerland, how much money to buy watches the report that, due to bring more wealth in emerging markets, the rapid growth of economy, where people are more eager to continue working in retirement,www.finest4uwatch.com, this phenomenon is especially significant in asia. I am SB

A researcher at the

Barclays Wealth is expected,www.finest-watch-sale.com, emerging market economy will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next period of time, so the "never retire" phenomenon will continue. I am SB

"Chinese many entrepreneurs have no ‘>