Rudis Sylva subversion table altar masterpiece

        June 1,, 2010, independent watchmaking brand Rudis Sylva to subvert the altar table published a masterpiece. Status of The Harmonious Oscillator in the history of the development of the clock, is comparable to the birth year tourbillon. In fact, by the independent watchmaking brand Rudis Sylva R & D and creation

June 1, 2010, independent watchmaking brand Rudis Sylva to subvert the altar table published a masterpiece. Status of The Harmonious Oscillator in the history of the development of the clock, is comparable to the birth year tourbillon. In fact, the research and development by independent watchmaking brand Rudis Sylva and created a masterpiece, single double balance wheel escapement device, more accurate than the traditional card Tourbillon and Russell,, is the highest state of extreme precision mechanical watch.

The Harmonious Oscillator built a balance wheel is connected by two composed by single escapement structure of driving system, theory focus on the elimination of the balance wheel pressure draw further apart and traditional since the. The system through the balance wheel hairspring in all directions can make uneven scheduling, to achieve higher accuracy in Pretoria flywheel. This unprecedented double balance system, composed of meshing gears, watch escapement a began to swing, will resonate response effect, named "Harmonious Oscillator".

is different from Tourbillon takes a minute before error offset gravity to watch brings, The Harmonious Oscillator through the balance wheel hairspring connected and shapeless scheduling, real-time correction for the average error of watches in a vertical state, achieve higher than Tourbillon traditional and card Russell’s accurate, perfect model. Watch with remarkable achievements through a number of tests, including amplitude test, different range of 24 hours to erect test, and in the amplitude difference in different range of testing, attracting thousands of attention, as a representative of the new altar masterpiece.


win by technology, also extraordinary in the process. Hand finishing to movement,, especially in the most significant beveling grinding capability, table ear part after finishing, causing 45 degree groove, and then polished,, meticulous. Regulator Framework Bridge, also decorated with a combination of creative and technology objects, 45 degree angle black hypotenuse, highlights Rudis Sylva perfect >

Bai Shangwen Vacheron Constantin need patience in Chinese

        Bai culture: Vacheron Constantin need patience to watch brand in the China, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   as Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific managing director Bai Shangwen face reporters for the primary strategy of Vacheron Constantin in China is what questions, blink replied, with a sly smile: "patience, for an open less than 30 years, has a population of 1300000000 and annual economic growth of more than 8% countries, the growth in demand for luxury goods is a very long process, traditional luxury companies need patience, likewise,, Vacheron Constantin also need patience."           although Vacheron Constantin (VACHERON  CONSTANTIN) recognized was created in 1755, but Vacheron Constantin really in a brand identity, or in the rich experience and be full of go businessman Feilangsuowa · Constantine joined the company in 1819 after the establishment of the.         Vacheron Constantin China translation, allegedly Shanghai local dialect for "Constantine" brand in the latter part of transliteration, transliteration effect in today although it sounds very not ideal,, but nearly a hundred years of the passage of time has become the final result. This seems more in line with the Bai Shangwen repeatedly stressed that Vacheron Constantin — one of the characteristics of respecting history.         during the interview, Bai Shangwen told reporters,, since 1840, when Vacheron Constantin watch the production drawings, records, the date of sale and the movement information such as case numbers, will be preserved intact in the company’s file cabinet. This among them, including the 1860 Chinese emperor Xianfeng ordered a blue enamel decorative pocket watch.         "Vacheron Constantin seeks not only fashion, is forever." History often gives the luxury of intangible value more, the continuation of such as family culture and emotion. It is reported that Bai Shangwen had a gathering in Beijing met a wearing Vacheron Constantin antique table young man. Bai Shangwen curiously approached asked young man watches are the proceeds from the auction or buy in the secondary market. The young man answered and said, this is his grandfather, passed it to his father,, his father passed on to him. In this way, the wrist luxury became the continuation of the family history heritage and emotion.         Vacheron Constantin currently has the mechanical watch technology complex world most, this point, it can be inferred from its 2005 250 anniversary list Tour  de  to be reflected in the l’Ile. Tour  de  l’Ile table unique combination of complexity and astronomical function watch, a total of sixteen different characteristics: three minute repeater, sunset time display, calendar function.

Brand history Breguet chronometer and aviation pioneer

        brand history: Breguet: chronometer and aviation pioneer brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Abraham · Louis · Breguet is clock great pioneers, aspects of his merit, enjoy great popularity among the people. But maybe not everyone know is, his fifth generation grandson of Louis · Breguet, aviation pioneer is a timepiece. Louis · Breguet for aviation has maintained a too strong interest. In 1907, only 27 years old, he has made by helicopter Gyroplane power take-off. In the ensuing days, his works are amazing. In 1909, his first biplane to complete,, then the first seaplane in 1912, followed by the first bomber in 1915. In 1917, the great creation of Breguet XIV (14) type of aircraft to assist the Allied forces won the first world war. In between the two World War,, Louis · Breguet aviation company has been exported to Europe, America, Japan and some other countries and even aircraft. Breguet aircraft navigation in the long process of record, in 1924 completed the Paris to Tokyo, flight, 1927 is the transverse Vietnam the Atlantic voyage,, and 1930 is Paris to New York’s flight. Which lays a foundation for the development of modern aviation, until today, many Breguet aircraft still white clouds in the blue sky fly. Aviation heyday, but Louis · Breguet didn’t forget to Breguet timepiece the name Guangyao later production company. Recorded in the company’s sales ledger, 1918 American Airlines and 1922 when Louis · Bao muscle aviation has become their development aviation timepiece market first customers. In the long days, provide precise timing table Breguet has been for the aviation industry. They made a star time watch called the Siderometre, (a few minutes gap and we the current day),, this table in the victor in I950’s polar expedition to make good use of. Since then, Breguet also developed TypeXI and TypeXII cockpit meter, still up to 15 countries on the plane is widely used.  

Time travel

        Peter C. Stas, the incumbent Frederique Constant and Alpina Watches Constance board International SA chief executive officer. A former royal Philips Philips electronics companies in the Asia Pacific region marketing manager, in 1997 began to take over the family brand Coons Gordon, 2002 acquisition of Swiss Alpi

Peter C. Stas, the incumbent Frederique Constant and Alpina Watches Constance board International SA chief executive officer. A former royal Philips Philips electronics companies in the Asia Pacific region marketing manager, in 1997 began to take over the family brand Coons Gordon, 2002 acquisition of Swiss Alpina Watches International SA.

I love to travel. The University, I have a car to travel from Rotterdam to Holland, another city, I did not take a penny. For three days, completely by passers-by help was able to move on. The journey that changed my life and my own definition of life changing, everyone has the possibility to become nothing, but we still have to continue to move forward, all embracing currently have.

for others, I am a CEO, but for myself, I is a stopping travel lovers. From a certain angle, the latter the identity, is more important than the former for me it. Because if it wasn’t for love to travel, I now do not have the business.

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The winter of

1988,, I was in New York Loyens & a consultant for Loeff law firm, and his wife Aletta go to switzerland. My great grandfather Constant Stas was a watch dial craftsmen, in 1904 created their own watch company, so each trip around the clock line, it will become a "my family tradition". In this country, in addition to the beautiful the Alps and Mont Blanc,, had to go is "watch road — Geneva Rhone street. There is the world’s high-end watch exhibition area, almost all of the luxury watch brands are there to open a flagship store. Interestingly, many more stores on the sign is made by a clock. But I prefer to go to day Varro Na Main Street, alley in the old town and intricate spread between the South Bank of the Rhone River between shop, Aletta and I like most in the Amoy there >

Wan Guobiao hit the Miami vice

        IWC impact "Miami vice" brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch "Miami vice" as a major investment in the production of the film, showing deep undercover detective   told the audience; mature, a danger and temptation. In order to give the original drama "Miami" modern add new style, the film "Miami vice" choose two Wanguo table   (IWC) automatic chronometer wristwatch Watch: Portugal (  IWC  Portuguese  Chrono-Automatic) and   marine rattrapante chronometer watch (IWC  Aquatimer  Split-Minute  Chronograph).         film actor Jamie. Fawkes (JamieFoxx) as Ricardo. Tubbs (RicardoTubbs),, in the city street arrogant unruly, mostly in the day time shooting him to wear the Portuguese automatic timepiece watch   (IWC  Portuguese& nbsp; Chrono-Automatic). This watch Hikaruzawa Ryoshihito, black dial with silver dial, let "Miami vice"   perfect to show its new look and a new sense of.           in most of the night scene,; Jamie.  Fawkes wearing marine rattrapante chronometer watch   (IWC  Aquatimer  Split-Minute  Chronograph).   this watch is decorated with a fluorescent substance,, dial is clear,, lightness of titanium metal case and bracelet, Ocean series is very suitable for hot climates, whether by day or night,, just to meet the majority of scenes in the film in such as Paraguay, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic needs foreign shot.

Comment five Swiss watches

        reviews five Swiss watch brand watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watch sapphire watches famous product in both men and women, general and elegant,, taste, cultivation associate together. OMEGA will make you think of the movie "007" in the James · Bond inadvertently in the afternoon Coffee store in the wrist at a glance; Longines is a graceful and elegant beautiful lady Tuosai smile…… Blancpain table lady bird from the 50’s, Blancpain is devoted to watch the highest realm — slim and exact no horse fashion show. In 1956, the world’s first postage "Lady Bird" emerge as the times require. Taking the design of contemporary smallest,, caused the altar table shock. Today,, Blancpain produce Yi see slim second generation "Lady Bird" and "Lady Bird automatic chain". Elegant round case, rose gold, gold or platinum casting and become, and manually mounted. Automatic chain device for the world’s most subtle. Plum table universe universe diving table made of stainless steel, with fine grinding and fine grinding surface, add radiance to each other, to highlight the special control effect. Watch assembly automatic movement, not easy to wear sapphire glass and a magnifying glass, the waterproof function up to 200 meters water depth, and a spiral drill lock head. Titanium multi-functional chronograph watch is configured ETA quartz movement, including plum table quality characteristics consistent, if not easy to wear sapphire glass, 50 meters waterproof function, titanium metal weight is light, the appearance of dynamic, full of sense of the times. Longines watch Perth olympic series of Olympic Perth (OPOSITION) series of comprehensive interpretation of harmony with extreme elements, using bright bold lines, as Longines elegant style to expand new areas and increase the avant-garde concept, particularly suited to the pursuit of self-expression young people. Perth Austrian stainless steel watch with sleek and smooth watchband, watchcase and with arched sapphire table mirror, constitute a space streamline design the perfect fluid. Austrian Perth fine steel chronograph is in addition to 30 meters waterproof function, even sometimes, and second hand. Tissot PR100X watches PR100X analog type multifunctional Tissot launch timing and alarm and high speed back gauge function, structure combines sophisticated super Zhuo tabulation technology and the aesthetic era, the multiple functions of timing of traditional and new technologies and cooperate with each other. PR100X multi function alarm clock, not only is the world’s first put the multifunction timer alarm function in analog type, have more unique high speed back gauge function. This function is the advantage of only reduced by school button, can automatically restore also starts a timer, welcome and by the navigator and navigator. OMEGA constellation series OMEGA luxury jewelry from around the world gathered and precious gemstones, there are diamonds,, Blaupunkt and red treasure, cutting and grinding into high quality national diamond. Finally, in order to Seiko will precious stones inlaid in gold or platinum watch. Each group of luxury jewelry series watches are in the Milky Way Galaxy constellation naming – for Ai Guilan, Rafael Benitez and cathy.

Audemars Pigeut limited edition watch for F1 driver Montoya

        * Yu as Swiss watches net cash on delivery buy watches zero risk! Book sales table net men’s Swiss watches and slim lady watches, brand-name sapphire watches, Longines watches, OMEGA watches, Rolex, Tudor watches, Vacheron Constantin watches, Patek Philippe wrist

Shanghai science and Technology Museum in the gathering dusk appears to be more attractive, it is here, top Swiss watch Audemars Pigeut table in recognition of outstanding F1 rider Montoya specially designed limited edition commemorative watch made official in front of the world show their noble countenance.

      &nbsp,;     sevenfriday watch replica

  sevenfriday watch replica

&nbsp,; sevenfriday watch replica

              coming in on the pitch go by like the wind Montoya and Audemars Pigeut President Mr. Lang, plum table table Audemars Pigeut general agent as president Mr Meng Xianting Keller jointly unveiled the commemorative watch. Audemars Pigeut table also hope that through this memorial watches,, I wish Montoya achieved excellent results in Shanghai.

sevenfriday watch replica

  sevenfriday watch replica

              Royal Oak Offshore Montoya self winding chronograph watch (Royal Oar OffshoreJuan Pablo Montoya) combines the results and Audemars Pigeut watch excellent watch technology research F1 the most advanced, perfect the two cutting-edge technology, have many elements to F1 car reflected in the Audemars Pigeut watch Montoya Memorial watches, from the material to the design details. The birth of commemorative watch a comprehensive update of the top watches manufacturing technology,, in the Audemars Pigeut watch brilliant history to establish a new milestone. sevenfriday watch replica

17 If only the count just wearing a gold watch 10 days strike

        17 If only the count just wearing a gold watch 10 days "strike" brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "afraid of where we can’t buy purchased count table, we only from Shanxi to Beijing to buy the results, just wear 10 days not to walk." Yesterday afternoon, from Shanxi’s Mr. Sun told reporters, his cousin Mr. Zheng in Beijing to buy a 170000 yuan count brand gold watch out, they came to Beijing, to watch the shop for saying.   Mr. Sun said, cousin to Beijing last December 25th, the royal jewelry watches new Dongan store bought this count table, table is imported from Switzerland, belongs to the international top brands; the chain is 18K platinum do, is very fine, the price is 170000 yuan, can not want to go back to just after wearing the 10 day, the table will not go, put a few days after the table and took a few days, then simply do not move. Mr. Zheng is busy because of work, until March 25th with Beijing to watch shop, a week after Mr. Zheng again to Beijing to "seek explanation". Watch shop table table has returned to normal after maintenance.   "he is not willing to buy a car, buy so expensive watches, was carefully, afraid to touch also didn’t fall, what is the problem? In case of bad how to do? We came all the way, not apt to Beijing watch repair ah!" Mr. Sun said, cousin have something urgent has left Beijing, treatment by his cousin, they are very concerned about the table will be a problem, want a watch shop to guarantee, to a problem they want to retreat, can watch shop did not agree with the.   yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Beijing royal jewelry watches new Dongan store manager Song said, the shop sold the count table is the formal channels,, Mr. Zheng bought this watch found problems directly to get the count table in Beijing service center detection, service center with no quality problem report. Mr. Zheng the count table should be out of the question, wear so, according to the terms of the contract "within 7 days of quality problems Baotuibaohuan, 2 year warranty, life-long maintenance", the shop will not be able to guarantee Mr. Zheng return; the pure hand-made mechanical watch, not particularly robust,, need to be especially careful when wearing. This point in the sold out when they have to remind the customer.   subsequently,, the reporter also call the count table in Beijing service center, the staff Liu consulting Mr. Zheng said the table records, the table is caused by the magnetic pointer stop movement, professionals of the table and the movement of degaussing conducted a comprehensive maintenance, guarantee the table has been fully restored to normal.

Luxury Gucci watch series (Photos)

        luxury: Gucci watch series (Photos) name,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch   become fashionable lady G-Charm Series Watch Bracelet Watch Twirl watch set of functional and fashion accessories in a body,, white fritillary flower surface, lined with 1 diamonds and a bracelet shaped stainless steel bracelet     G-Round Chrono series of watches, black flower surface,, lined with 9 diamonds and black GG embossed leather strap G-Round Chrono series of watches, pink surface, lined with 54 diamonds and pink alligator strap

Andy Lau endorsement of Swiss watches (Photos)

        Andy Lau endorsement (Photos) watches Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Swiss watch brand CYMA following the September launch three deduction from the performing arts sector of the king Andy Lau advertising, launched in December three new winter advertising.         the watch brand since 2005 invited Andy Lau as its Greater China and several Southeast Asian countries after a series of plane advertising spokesperson, cooperation between the two sides shooting are win customers warm echo.         each advertising theme to Andy Lau through the sincere personality, outstanding talent and exquisite professional and serious attitude and other aspects of characteristics, display process quality, excellent excellent and unique design of the brand table,, thus confirmed the brand "no experience of how to understand the concept of". Andy Lau in the all black suit dress, show the connotation of the successful men and charm, he sat back in the dermis chair practical, hands clasped the excellent performance of the brand chronograph watch, piercing eyes gleaming with confidence. For Christmas, new year and Valentine’s day a series of warm holiday approaching, the brand table winter advertisement also permeated with the joy and romantic atmosphere.         another advertising on the background of the party, the red walls and comb to a black dress with white shirt Andy Lau more prominent. He was wearing a moon phase display function with "Champion" series of strap watch,, hand to get a little whistle, face showed satisfied smile,, full engagement party moments of joy, this right out of his thoughts on happiness: "to celebrate when they have actively make yourself happy."