TAG Heuer Link WAT1413.BA0954 Watch

This Green Mil Gauss is a surprising watch.

I remember my thoughts when I saw it first in pics, last year during the Basel Fair…

I found it strange, a bit freakie with all these colors, and not that appealing…

Till my AD gave me a call to ask me to pay him a visit, with a surprise ….

It was the surprise.

Not that I find it very appealing nor beautiful.

But the Mil Gauss has something,Replica Dior – Dior VIII Baguette 33 mm Automatic CD1235F4C001 Women watch,TAG Heuer Link WAT1413.BA0954 Watch, especially in this version…

This is in fact a funny watch, which makes it interesting…

you have a bit the feeling to wear a traffic light on the wrist, with all these colors,Replica Panerai Contemporary-Luminor GMT 44mm PAM00088 watch, well, at the first contact…

Than you begin to change a bit your mind, and to have a look at the case, which proportions are very well balanced.

The Bracelet is obviously very well finished, even if I’m not a big fan of the mix Polish/ brushed links…

Then, you begin to love it, as it is,breitling transocean unitime replica, a funny, weird watch, due to this blend of colors, and to this special lightening second hand…

As for the older models ( 6541 and 1019, in fact, a blend of these 2 references …), you have different indexes at 3 / 6 / and 9, a matt dial, and you begin to appreciate this presentation…and to discover its charm.

Even this very …green sapphire has some appeal, finally.

And here,ZENITH CLASS WATCHES, doesn’it it look spectacular?

Let’s not forget that the Mil Gauss is now of the most efficent watches in terms of amagnetism, which may be useful, more than I / we thought…

You should go to your AD, and test the magnetism of your watches, you will be surprised…

Well, I changed my mind on this watch, and I decided to go on it, not because of its rarity, as only God knows what rolex will do with it, and we should think that they will do the same than they did with the Kermit sub…

But because this is a so strange and special watch that I began to fall in love with…

Hope you will enjoy,Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CHRONOGRAPH Watches

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Replica Panerai Special Editions PAM 00028 Watch

Rolex VS Glashütte Original


Is it possible to compare a SWISS made watch with a German made?


I will say yes.


Rolex have most of us heard about, but people who don´t are into

watches thinking of the DateJust or the Submariner when they heard Rolex.


The last model in the Oyster line was released a few years in at the 90´s

Rolex have name it Yachtmaster and the reference 16622 was released in 99.



The Yachtmaster have a different look and the other sport Rolex´s, this one

have both dial and bezel made in Platinum. Red letters and a fat minute hand

and a red second hand was unique for the model when it hit the streets.



The Glashütte Original Sport Evolution ref 39-42-43-03-03 is not what you normally

expect to see when you talking about Glashütte. Glashütte is well known for dress

 watches and when I thinking of that and I wasn´t sure if they made watches in SS

when I heard about them for the first time.


This is a great looking diver watch and it don´t really looks like they use

to do. It have a own style and they haven´t just copy another brand,  a

case with a unique style.I will say this is a watch that smiles at me.



Here is how it looks.



The Yachtmaster is 40 mm and The GO is 42,5 mm.


Here is a side by side view,Replica Panerai Special Editions PAM 00028 Watch.



The GO is a little thicker than the YM. The GO is 14 mm thick and

the YM is 11,5 mm thick. The weight of the GO with the Trieste band

is around 120 grams and the YM with a full linked bracelet and the

Daytona clasp will be around 150 grams.



Both watches have sapphire crystals and the GO have a sapphire crystal

backcase too. A nice little option is that the GO´s backcase is not flat, it

line up with the watchcase.



The Trieste band will leave no gap between the case and the band and it gives

the watch a great touch with the red stitching. That was the reason I didn´t go

for the bracelet model. It fits well between the heavy lugs.




At the end there is a regular buckle.



The YM have a unique clasp too just at this model, but I have change it for

a Daytona clasp.


The original.



And the Daytona clasp.



Another thing with the YM is it have polished solid middle links and that is not

what Rolex use to put on their SS sport watches.



The YM have some unique lugs too and it looks like they don´t fits with the

solid end link. The YM have polished lugs too, the GO have just a little bit

polished at the case.




&nbsp,Replica Panerai Contemporary Collection-Luminor Marina Automatic PAM 00282 Watch;

The bezel at the GO is made of SS and the nicely doomed insert is made of

aluminum, for secure you can only turn it backwards and it have 60 clicks.



The YM bezel is made in Platinum and can operate in both ways, it have 120 clicks.



The YM have the classic bubble to magnify the date.



The GO have a big date window, GO call it Panorama date.



The GO have a screw down crown and removable crown guards and the watch

is water resistant to 200 meters.



The YM is not a diver watch so it´s only water resistant to 100 meters but the

TripLock crown is rated to at least 1220 meters and the YM case should be the

same as the Submariner when it comes to water resistant so I will say it´s good

for 300 meters. But  Rolex will only rate their diver watches to 300 meters or

more and the rest ones to 100 meters in the Oyster line.



So what will the watches have under the hood?


If we looks inside the YM, so will Rolex not give us the WOW experience. The YM

have the in-house caliber 3135 and that is one of their working horses. Rolex don´t

care about the finish, when they made a movement they do it for it should work

in different situations. Rolex made tool watches even if the YM are a little more

bling, bling than tool. The movement are in my opinion one of the best ones

when it comes to durability and reliability. You can drop it at the floor, shake

it and it works like a charm. Around 45-50 hours power reserve, 31 jewels,

28800 bph and the microstella adjustment.

&nbsp,TAG Heuer Grand Carrera CAV5185.FC6237 Watch;




The Glashütte Original Sport Evolution is powered by the in-house movement cal 39.

This is really a contrast to the Rolex movement, this is art. A well made great looking

movement with a awesome finish at the parts. Gold, brass, steel and jewels in a

stunning mix. 44 jewels and only a date complication will say it all. This caliber

is made in some different configs like chronograph, moonphase and perpetual

calendar. 40 hours power reserve, 28800 bph and swan neck regulation.



The swan neck.



The lume is great at the both watches, Rolex have a little stronger lume.



Maybe a wallpaper?




I really like both watches and they will get some wrist time both of them. This little

tour was not made as a review, it´s just my reflections and what have get my attention.


I hope you enjoyed the tour.




7924 The Number of the Beast

Over the past years, I have been able to source a few French military diver’s watches from the late 1950’s that were still in the drawer of retired watchmakers: Rolex, Tudor, Blancpain,Replica TAG Heuer – CARRERA Calibre 5 WV211A.FC6203 Men Watch,…

In these early days of SCUBA diving, most of these watches were used in very small batches (I have recently found out that Omega Seamaster 300’s had also been used by the French Navy in very limited quantity) and it is usually admitted that less than two hundred 7924’s have ever been manufactured. Most of them have been used for military purpose (there were not many customers for 200m waterproof watches at that time) but did not bear any special military engraving; the French Navy was probably testing different brands to chose the model that they would order in larger amount and the famous M.N. caseback engraving in fact appeared in the 1970’s only.

Among all these military pieces, my favourite model is definitely the Tudor Big Crown, manufactured by Rolex in 1958 and 1959 only and that has been used by the divers of the Marine Nationale under the references 7922 and 7924. This watch is the exact twin brother of the Rolex James Bond ref. 6538 but with a different dial and movement, like all the early Tudors.

Here’s the picture of a French Navy diver in the early 1960’s with a Tudor Big Crown on the wrist:

The example that I have just dug out is especially interesting, because its serial number in the 292,xxx range is generally associated by collectors to the later civilian batch of 7924’s; this is the first time that I see one of these watches in a military context. In addition, the inside caseback of this one is stamped with the reference number, whereas most Tudor Big Crowns only have the date code.

The condition of the watch is simply incredible,Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK SELFWINDING Watches,gold audemars piguet replica, with a gorgeous gilt glossy dial and a case that shows normal wear for a 50 years old watch but has never been polished: the thick lugs (aka broad shoulders),TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2A11.FC6313 Watch, flat case sides and sharp edges are intact. This Submariner definitely has a lot of character,Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon RDDBEX0252 men Watch, as the 38mm diameter is just perfect on the wrist and its 15mm thickness and 8mm crown give him a rugged and bullet proof aspect.

That’s how the edges of the 1950’s Rolex cases look like originally, with a big chamfer:

The bezel also has sharp edges and look at that thick font insert:

The 8mm Brevet crown is one of the sexiest feature of the watch, it looks really huge:

The famous rose logo, it brings a lot of charm and character to the gilt dial:

Another detail of the dial,Replica Panerai Contemporary-Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM00328 watch, the 6 o’clock index:

As a friend of mine has some records of the watches used by the French Navy, I will try to make some research about this specific one….unfortunately, the chances to have information about these very early watches are very thin…

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among July three 2008, the earth free diving record holder GuillaumeNé ry diving 113 meters,Bell & Ross Collection Type Professionnelle watches,afresh stimulate the earth free diving record. When 26 years old birthday a few days away, Guillaume

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the earth free diving record to Guillaum N é ry diving 113 meters,Replica Panerai Contemporary Collection-Manifattura PAM 00328 Watch, July three 2008. Again activate the world free diving record.

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Guillaum N é ry decided to acquaint his current dare among France: Villefranche-sur-M gulf to fourth times to crash the dare of constant weight free diving “diving”level Constant Weight earth record (the so-called “constant heaviness diving”that divers not merely use oxygen cylinders, distance of 26 daily age birthday and a few days. Dive and floating also does never aid anybody outer utensil a alone individual physical advance) the diving activities exclusively sponsored along BA LL Watch. Many international media see Guillaum N é ry barely apt a lifesaving rope directly dive underwater 113 meters,to return to the surface,only took two minutes and 45 seconds of period.refinement watches

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        look not to come out, elegant Zhi Ling sister also spicy Chongqing noodles photo reporter Chen Yifeng report from our correspondent (reporter Xue Jiao) collect myriad dotes on Lin Chiling yesterday in Monument for Liberation, in support of a watch brand new release. Say professional accomplishment

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Zhi Ling sister, why are you always so elegant? Www.lvrolexshopping.com

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        tag heuer won the Swiss Federal Intellectual Property Research Institute official identification of patents, and won the world’s top luxury watch brand tag heuer 2006RedDot design award was established in 1860, now has won two awards

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and won the 2006 Red Dot design award TAG Heuer won the Swiss Federal Intellectual Property Research Institute official identification of patent.


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Omega introduced the white section hippocampus Ploprof 1200M Diving & nbs

1970 Omega (OMEGA) released the Seamaster professional diving watch , waterproof 600 meters ,Replica Panerai Contemporary-Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 44mm PAM00362 watch, called “Ploprof”, the French meaning for professional diving watch . 2010 Omega ‘s new this watch , configure Europe

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plus a protective device of the crown at 9 o’clock position . Equipped with a helium escape valve . This watch configure bi-directional rotating bezel . Different from conventional watches . replica watches

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