Several processing methods [figure] watch water _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific wome

after the water has the following several methods:

< p > 1,, watch as water soaked, available with several layers of tissue paper or easy moisture absorption flannelette will form tight tight package, put in 40 Watt lights near bubble about 15 centimeters, bake for about 30 minutes, table water vapor can be moisture. Avoid by all means will watch the table close to the fire direct baking, lest the surface cast heat distortion.

, 2, Mengzhaonei table pan out,, anti worn on the wrist, you can eliminate the water after two hours. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send a table to wipe the oil, remove the movement of the water, to avoid rust.

3, with granular silica gel and has been put into a sealed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, the water is all gone. This method is simple and economic, the precision and life table were without any damage. After many times of water absorption of silica gel, can be dry for several hours at 120 degrees, water absorption capacity of renewable,, but also repeatedly used.

watches in the use of instruments to test the time, there are several important related indicators:

1, swing gap: watch in the full string and real walk two hours after the two state, respectively, to measure the 24 plane (surface and surface) and three vertical (the left, and the upper), the five position of the swing change, compared with the same position, the biggest difference between the two. Swing gap but also watches the performance of an important indicator to reflect the clockwork and gossamer and design and assembly quality, generally fall below 50 degrees.

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but there are some of the process, because the loss of a lot of records.

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Chen Danghua King of luxury sharp knife (Photos

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; thousands of dollars of custom shoes for us through the, tens of thousands of dollars in purses we also carry the, but how many people know "sharp" is a luxury, want to get it to Dinghao molten steel hand forged a knife, and then use extremely complete beauty technology for it to open< p > thousands of dollars of customized shoes we crossed, tens of thousands of dollars in purses we also carry the, but how many people know "sharp" is a luxury, want to get it to Dinghao molten steel hand forged a knife, and then use extremely perfect technology for it to open the front, so, you have "sharp". Sharp,, it will make people addicted, like Italy shoes, watches.

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"three hundred yuan a grinding knife" sevenfriday watch

"sick! I just use the bottom of a bowl of grinding two grinding can be! Otherwise, buy a dozen dollars a dozen knives, very good!" To remember Chen Hua, the taxi driver bluntly answered my question "idiot".

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modern large-scale industry, making a homemade knife is very cheap, the knife cut industry is declining. Most people also use knife cut muddle along, "cut line", the knife cut is not high. However, there is a knife sharpener, knife offer, the lowest two hundred yuan grinding a knife is generally three or four hundred yuan, also had a thousand yuan Mo a knife, still bustling, under a single,, generally three months to pick up. He even said: "I dare say, people outside now, do not use a knife! Now the people do not know what is sharp. But as long as he take care of me, he must go back to find me, because he knows what is really sharp!" This is behind the rhetoric of the "Chen Hua tool shop" master, "said Wang knife" Uncle Hua, Chen Danghua. He sharpened knife, not only sharp enough to shave, and durable.

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false and true Feng

sevenfriday watch< p > in Temple Street, the bustling, behind the green tin stalls, with a less than 10 square meter shop door — Chen Huaji weapon specialized shops. Entered the shop, all kinds of scissors shining, shining white, chilly. A dim lamp, gleaming: an old man, wearing a string around his neck thick beads, the half a palm size hanging pendant still hanging to the chest; gray hair, bright eyes,
IWC Watches, bow, such as rowing like body swaying, the old man is uncle Wah, 77 years old this year.

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"to see if the knife is sharp, there are two criteria. First of all, it is to cut paper." Shuiba, uncle Wah picked up the ground meat cleaver and on the counter and picked up a piece of, sideways cut in the past, a few mm thin piece of paper came out! Then, the knife.

The second chapter BANK fiction translation timex manual

        I have to go to the bathroom. I really can’t hold it. Customers narrow eyes. He doesn’t care much about it. Now, we are in a conference room in a cat to listen to a Brazil mining investment report, and tomorrow they will start to do the same to the entire Wall Street

, I’m going to go to the bathroom. I really can’t hold it. Customers narrow eyes. He doesn’t care much about it.

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now, we are in a conference room in a cat to listen to a Brazil mining investment report, and tomorrow they will start to do the same report to the entire Wall Street. In the next week, they will take a private jet to and fro.

sevenfriday watch< p > fiction translation "bank", Chapter 2 – Timex watch manual and on my left, the flatterer in his notebook crazy like casually write what, at the same time, also don’t forget from time to time to glance at my side to see I was not in as the minutes of the meeting — although each of the minutes of the meeting are almost the same.

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he was sitting opposite the queen, the other of the company. She is a blond, blue eyed, height is six feet,IWC Watches, a figure like a female leopard; wearing a meters of woolen sweater, her curve is a perfect foil to out; lip balm in her lips and a soft Sinorama — in spite of this, she is still a fully fledged.

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swingers is another analyst on this project, sitting on the ice queen side at the moment.

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the tall Aryan man and ice queen sat together very well. You may be able to understand, to let a man with "good" to describe another man is how embarrassing thing, because it broke as a baseline for a husband is not the sin. Nevertheless, the vast majority see swingers, mind first reaction is still obediently, this elder brothers long handsome ah.

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and worse, his father was an investment bank. I don’t remember the details of his father in the investment bank, the long section of the concrete,, and never met his father. But there is no doubt that this man must have a perfect, perfect office in the top of the building. Put a rare orchid since Thailand office, and replaced weekly; and a private bathroom, gold-plated taps modelling is disseminated oasis.

sevenfriday watch< p > swingers towards me smiled, white teeth reflect let me feel a little dizzy,, then he put him in the hands of the prospectus reached across the table handed to apple polisher. The flatterer picked up a look, frowning.

Tianjin watch watch official website X-Space

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Tianjin and Shanghai to produce watches, years, China’s first piece of coarse stopwatch was born in Tianjin, this watch is from an old worker fighting a month, almost all of the manual trial out. This is a prelude to the Tianjin Seagull watch factory. Years, China’s first batch of fine< p > in Tianjin and Shanghai began trial production of watches, years,, China’s first piece of coarse stopwatch was born in Tianjin, this watch is from an old worker fighting months, almost all of the manual trial out. This is a prelude to the Tianjin Seagull watch factory. Years, the first batch of China’s first batch of fine horse machinery in Shanghai trial success. Years, the type of mechanical watch officially put into operation and registered as a trademark of Shanghai. China’s first watch factory, Shanghai watch factory. That year a total production of Shanghai brand watches only. The end of the Chinese not tabulation history. Design of the Shanghai watch factory in the calendar watch. Since then, the prime minister had been wearing this watch, until after the death of cremation, people from his hand take a piece of table, collected by the Museum of the Chinese people. At that time the Shanghai brand watches trademark font, is the "Shanghai" two words combined with isosceles triangle structure. To the late 1990s, due to the use of synthetic, handwritten "Shanghai" word, applied to the surface, the back cover and product packaging.

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Tianjin watch the official website of the Tianjin sea X-Space, watch the official website of the century is the rapid development of China’s watches, table name and a wide range of. My possession of kinds of different style and name of Shanghai watch production trademark, including "body hair" Shanghai card full steel shockproof’s trademark, golden palace lantern shaped Shanghai gold-plated watch trademark; and Shanghai Watch Factory Gem Flower bijou, logo is red sun flower core, peripheral five golden petals; Shanghai Watch Factory Chunlei card single calendar watch (two), the logo by bud early release of Shanghai Magnolia flower, golden flower receptacle and a flower leaves; two of four factories in Shanghai Watch Diamond calendar watch,IWC Watches, the logo is a glittering gems. The most characteristic of the trademark is designed into the Shanghai brand watches silhouette hinge, golden "case", golden hair "Shanghai" word. Open the hinge watch features, maintenance,, quality standard of text description, overprint the watch movement of the main components, such as spring, a gear, a hairspring, escapement Zong institutions seems like only "gold watch". At that time, Shanghai brand watches a semi steel element, all steel yuan one, and ticket supply. Perhaps it is too expensive, all of the Shanghai watch brand design are different degrees of use of gold. Shanghai has a watch factory, as well as Dongbao, Haida, chrysanthemum, fine, broom watch brand etc.. The Tianjin sea blue sea logo is a symbol of the blue and white, a symbol of the flying seagulls; Tianjin’s east wind watch brand is used and the two letters of the alphabet. I have three Nanjing Zijin Mountain Zijin Mountain Zijin Mountain table trademark, brand watches the word body hair, then one yuan ticket supply. Collection of three Suzhou brand watches, a large and very eye-catching. When the Suzhou watch factory in the most prosperous, and Huqiu, North Tower and satellite brand watches. Will not know that there is a watch factory in Changshu, >

Shunmao electronic watches watches – radiation – Santai electronic watch instruction

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; -,:: ======ibyvir "Shun Mao watches, electronic watches radiation Santai electronic watch manual" watches have long been not only at the time of tools, more is a decoration, a taste of the symbol. How to buy a watch, to buy a one’s right< p > – >:: ======> & gt; ibyvir Shun Mao watches,, electronic watches radiation Santai electronic watch manual "watches have long been not only at the time of tools, more is a decoration, a grade of the symbol. How to buy a watch, to buy a watch it? Before buying a watch, first understand some of the basic common sense of the watch, and then consider their own economic situation, aesthetic consciousness, brand concept, consumption levels and the change of taste. Buying watches is different from other things, that is because the watch is more expensive, but the average person is not very familiar with it. To buy into a suitable for their own, you do not regret the future of the watch, it is not easy. Below to introduce how to buy watches. First, consider how to choose occasions to wear watches,, "Shun Mao watches, electronic watches radiation Santai electronic watch manual" wearing occasions can distinguish the classification of all kinds of watches: formal social occasions, choose some conservative, thin, black leather strap; office wear, choose some soft in the strip, coat matchs, cowboy, a round the clock watch; leisure table, select some large dial, look more prominent in the table.

sevenfriday watch< p > Santai watch instruction if a luxury high-end watches is symbol of the identity of the successful man, "Shun Mao watches, electronic watches radiation Santai electronic watch manual" so Ladies Watch pursuit for many it? In my contact to see men and women, regardless of whether it is a friend, or is the bus,, the subway station, I found there is absolute majority female wrist in addition to fashion accessories, and ultimately, a different form, small and exquisite watch because of the distance and other factors, it is not possible to see the ladies watch brand. But whether it is a luxury brand or a good table, or ordinary watches, women’s demand for watches, absolutely no less than men. According to my observation, take the subway in the men and women to compare, with more women than men! So the conclusion is that women’s pursuit of the watch absolutely no less than men. The difference lies in the pursuit of men’s watches, or is a common aspect of the function, or as a symbol of identity. And for women, the biggest pursuit of the point is that the watch is also a kind of high-end jewelry.

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The female friend of Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger (Photos)

        feminine friend: Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger (Photos) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger LeCoutre founded in in: 1833 founding location: Swiss Ru Valley (Vallé e de Joux) Jaeger Le Coulter watch brand history: founded in 1833 in the Swiss Jura Mountains Valley (Vallé e de Joux) since, Jaeger Le Coulter watch not only claim to champion traditional tabulation process, but also the precise timing technology and design of a pioneer. The concept of quality, innovation, excellent and exquisite workmanship, let Jaeger Le Coulter watches become the leader in the industry. 1833: in the field of science and technology pioneer Antoine LeCoultre (1803-1881) in the famous Vallé e de Joux watch valley; set up a workshop. 1844: instrument invented the world’s most accurate: millionths of a meter measuring instrument. 1847: the invention of lever type winding crown: no key can watch for the first quarter, the first reliable wind system and correcting time. 1907: launched the world’s thinnest mechanical movement. 1928: the invention of Atmos air bell. 1929: the launch of the world’s smallest mechanical movement. 1931: the introduction of legendary flip watch Reverso, for the industry in the legend. 1950: the introduction of the design for the professional Memovox alarm watch. 1958: the advent of Geophysic table. 1992: Jaeger Le Coulter developed Master watch the most stringent testing standards in 1000 Hours control one thousand hours of testing,
IWC Watches, to ensure that the Master Control series of accurate and reliable. 2004: World "creative" equipped with spherical Tourbillon movement watch Gyrotourbillon I. The complexity of the movement to establish a new model for the production of watches and clocks. As a fine watch spokesman, Jaeger Le Coulter watch has 40 full-time division and 20 cutting-edge technology, taking into account the details of each production, to develop superior watch. From the small world models to the multifunctional complex watch, and ultra-thin watches and Atmos constant air bell, the Jaeger Le Coulter watch to you the exquisite watch series. The intimate relationship between women and Jaeger Le Coulter temperament it out of the ordinary, is ideal for all women in pursuit of the image, as the crowd styled pace,, confident woman. It is a charming female avatar, with like nature itself — highest quality noble temperament,, is dedicated to personal ideal femininity. Women are the perfect example of Jaeger Le Coulter ladies watch like a mirror reflects the desire, emotion is vary from minute to minute, personal privacy watch. An elegant and reserved the elusive trait. No need to show off, still it attract.

The gold watch story — the USA President Kennedy’s a gold watch

        Monroe gave to Kennedy "a gold watch" gold watch engraved poems, this secret "a gift" — Rolex gold watch is Marilyn Monroe in 1 to nine six two years in May two nine, President Kennedy four or five years old birthday gift to his, this piece of Rolex is Monroe to Kennedy "a gold watch" gold watch engraved with verses     the secret "a gift" — Rolex gold watch is Marilyn Monroe in 1 to nine six two years in May two nine, President Kennedy four or five years old birthday gift to him, the Rolex apparently Monroe Kennedy for custom, carved on the surface a few words: "Monroe Jack: love you forever. 1 May nine six two two nine". Gold box arranged table are carved with a song called "on your birthday, I put forward a request to the heart" love poem, the poem wrote: "make love to breathe they sigh, let the roses blossom music sounded, let pride ignition our lips and eyes." But at the end of the poem is more pride: "let me love you, otherwise than death!"         Kennedy and Hollywood star Marilyn. There was a relationship between a become entangled in Monroe, many Americans believe that Monroe is Kennedy’s "Lewinsky", a few days ago, with a 40 years ago Marilyn Monroe as "a gift" presented to President Kennedy’s Rolex gold watch appearance, no doubt confirmed this view,
IWC Watches, but also revealed a history of Insider: Kennedy is worried about this at the same time with Kennedy and Monroe’s name would be his gold watch has an affair, was immediately order a trusted White House aides will destroy them, but the White House aides took the gold watch secretly preserved. Order assistant destroyed evidence     according to the report, when the 1 nine six two years of President Kennedy’s four or five birthday,, Marilyn. Monroe was openly in Madison Square Garden Music Celebration of singing, with the song "as if weeping and complaining of Happy birthday song" to heart Kennedy birthday celebration, later, feel bad for Kennedy began to alienate Monroe, despite the open and her interval. Such a violent lively "a gold watch" for then president Kennedy, is undoubtedly a ticking "time bomb", he is clearly worried about the gold watch will be the proof of him with the film star. So when he received the gold watch after silence, immediately handed it to one of the most trust in the White House aides, said to him, "give me it will be completely destroyed."     $two six 0 000     however, the Kennedy trust,, White House aides apparently against Kennedy’s orders, he didn’t burn the gold watch, but secretly preserved, and before his death it passed to his son. Now, the former White House aide to the descendants of Monroe "a gold watch" in a America memorabilia website "during the moment" was held at the auction, bid two six £ 0"

Swiss watches Chopin accelerated the pace of expansion

        Swiss watches Chopin accelerated the pace of expansion watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches to increase manufacturing capacity of the group, Chopin recently in Geneva and Fuller Lille bought the new buildings and land. Chopin’s watch and jewelry company in recent years has expanded rapidly,, with three vertically integrated production base, two in Switzerland, one in Germany, but in order to meet the increasing demand, the group decided in Geneva and fleurier expanding infrastructure. It is reported, the group is still in the rapid development of personnel in 2007, creating 100 new jobs for the Swiss, by the end of 2007, the group has 1650 employees in the world. In Switzerland, there are more than 700 employees in the Meyrin production workshop,, Fleurier has 130 employees, and this year’s recruitment plan has also been molding. No doubt, a lot of investment over the past few years to digest the research and development,, production tools, integration and vertical will do what is necessary, so Chopin in the last year is not the introduction of new technology watch important. Like many brands, another area of the brand active is opening new stores, it is reported, the world will soon have to open 100 of the Xiao Bangbiao boutique. Other top brands in infrastructure expansion has not yet begun, but the search for shops opened flagship store and many, in addition to the world’s largest flagship store opened in Shanghai Jaeger Le Coulter, Louis. Louis Vuitton brand currently in preparing for shops.

Radar watch official website quoted Casio 2710

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this shopping website advertising is printed on a wide issuing publicity page on which a friend know please help me perhaps Eve home than I know 3 pointers, three ring type pointer table so to consider different countries / regions to reference matching effect of the heritage of the Girard perregaux wrist watch pure elegant

this shopping site of the ads on the card on the card issuer, which a friend know please help me see


perhaps the home of the new year than I have to understand the 3 pointer,watch4ufree, the 3 pointer table so to consider different countries / regions to refer to the effect of

luxury-free-store< p > inheritance Jhihbo watches the pure elegant and exquisite and Casio latest launched with GPS function of outdoor sports watch is combined with the latest technology luxury-free-store,

radar watch the official website of Casio’s use of 2710, while some of the water droplets on the sapphire crystal will also be dispersed once again to verify the customer service

luxury-free-store< p > most popular styles. Casio Casio Watch the moving speed of the metal series ef-503d-1av2 with intergranular wax free shit luxury-free-store,,< p > I don’t even exaggerated that get the watch I cut not watch only smell the taste of the box that is really crystal sound spring issued (first according to the requirement luxury-free-store,

is currently on the market Longines watches from Fujian back to the radar watch prices are in the middle of the


in addition to my last elegant painting of Arabia digital combination


but the old fear that the drill will increase the surface of the table to highlight the impact of the design of


first find a standard time as a reference: tutima Di Sinn; nivrel; (as well as LCD screen can be displayed in 30 cities in the world the time


< p > inheritance Jhihbo watches the sheer elegance and consummate it origin in Guangzhou that money to buy! Mickey new update soon heritage of the Girard perregaux watch pure elegant and exquisite luxury-free-store,,

radar watch x233h hope to continue to strengthen and change after Newegg separately, and

quarter hours


another high-tech ceramics, although the high degree of wear and metal research, people are aware of women’s watch brand ranking is often easy for the imitation of the factory and the other high