[watch] involved in golf swing movement maintenance etc. How to maintain Watch

        in order to make up for the golf can not wear form defect, watches with love puzzles and golf. Many watch manufacturers spare no effort to develop professional golf watch, and now the golf lovers can have both fish and bear’s paw. The 80% high-end watches master


in order to make up for the golf can not wear form defect,       watch with love puzzles and golf. Many watch manufacturers spare no effort to develop professional golf watch, and now the golf lovers can have both fish and bear’s paw.



80% high-end watches are the masters of golf’s faithful followers,       according to statistics. But it must be in before the end off the beloved watches, the reason is very simple: senior watch not golf club rivals. A lot of people playing a ball down,www.breitling-heuer.com, found his watch to strike without stop complaining about the business, did not know: the impact force moment generated swing will make gossamer tied together, cause the watch Piankuai even stop; impact if again big some, gossamer have out from May gossamer pile, shock absorber spring is easy to fall off, variable speed needle position, these issues impact on the speed control system of this period is fatal, especially summarizes five suggestions love watches for you: www.biao168.com


sauna fitness, the hill across the river can do. In fact, the more expensive watch,       a proposal: do not mistakenly think the more expensive the more sturdy table. The need to cherish, more should avoid all unnecessary damage.



then put the skins on the ball car. If you have too much trouble,       recommendation two: a lot of people playing will be equipped with professional skin to loading table. Also can turn the tables on your belt, or put it in T-shirt’s pocket. Www.biao168.com


usually hits a ball in the sun for four hours. But some watch dial is easy in the sun discoloration,       recommendation three: golf is inseparable from the sun. Especially the varnished dial. Once the dial color, very beautiful effect, if replaced, not only cumbersome and expensive. Therefore, the strong sunshine days off, remember that as you watch the sun shading. Www.biao168.com

Head become Tissot first USA image ambassador

        Head become Tissot first American Ambassador watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,http://www.outletonhere.com, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watches in the sports world go sapphire precision and timing, gallop on the MotoGP track USA new sharp driver Nicky  accurate calculation of significance of every second Hayden nature knows. Now, the high-profile drivers will no longer be timing concerns,http://www.luxuryonhere.com, because he has been with the Swiss watchmakers Tissot signed an agreement, has become the first male USA sports ambassador. Tissot is many Championship designated by the table, and in the past five years has been the MotoGP World Championship motorcycle official time. The Tissot signed with the young, energetic USA sports star, will further enhance its cooperation relationship with the motorcycle world. Therefore, Tissot also will be especially introduced a Nicky  Hayden limited edition watches, lucky numbers "and will seal the sports star on watch 69".   Nicky  Hayden of Tissot, its brand values of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, — beyond the limit of the perfect fit. Nicky  Hayden’s athletic ability and perfect sports spirit reflects the Tissot movement spirit, it is the best spokesman Tiansuo sports series. In the annual MotoGP World Championship motorcycle last station Spain Valencia station was held, Tissot president — Francois · Tian Bao and Mr. Nicky  Hayden signed a three year deal. Nicky  Hayden agreed endorsement Tissot brand in the MotoGP track of inside and outside, and Tissot itself is also the tournament’s official time. Nicky  worldwide Tissot official store,; Hayden image will soon put the windows decorated with a new.   2006, Tissot will launch a carefully crafted Nicky  Hayden limited edition watch, with orange and black for your choice,http://www.watch4usale.com, detailed structure design into the motorcycle, and on the rear lid seal has a unique "69".   "very pleased to have Nicky Tissot our big family!"   Francois · Tian Bao said, "Nicky represents our brand in the future, and embodies the essence of American sports spirit. He is young and ambitious, but also traditional values. We are convinced that he can add value to our brand, and become a global model of the young generation."   Nicky  Hayden I cooperation on this too excited. "Can and Tissot such global brand cooperation, I am deeply honored. "   Nicky says, " is able to globally as Tissot spokesmen,www.luxuryonhere.com, personally meaningful, I feel very excited. In my

[] watches watches collection prices only rise or

        high-end watches have become the identity of the buyer showing off luxury fashion, since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer, worth. Many stars, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect the


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high-grade watches become buyers show the identity of the luxury fashion,       since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer, worth. Many stars, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect their own value. At present, there are relatively well-known Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Pigeut, universal, Blancpain, count, Cartire, Jaeger Le Coulter, Rolex, PERREGAUX and other brands, high quality movement and classic appearance of these watches have,http://www.watch4usale.com, not only to bring buyers value embodied, more make watches as the historical value and significance of the collection.   www.biao168.com

Switzerland has always been to produce high-grade watches known to the world,       well-known. The Swiss watch sales all over the world, popular favor from all walks of life, so the Swiss watch has become almost synonymous with watches, it is worth mentioning that more nearly every year Swiss watch brands will have 5%-10% price. 2006 in the Swiss brand price driven, watches auction prices began to rise. In 2006, Christie’s auction, a model 1463 Patek Philippe stainless steel chronograph watch, made a HK $910000 price, another lady’s 18K Gold Diamond Bracelet Watch oval to 2580000 Hong Kong dollar transactions.  


this table has more than 900 members, 24 functions,         this is not the most expensive in 1933 an American banker to the Patek Philippe custom a watch. And precise travel time to 2100, is the world’s most complex watch. Until 1941, the banker had to watch. It is said that this watch design time only spent 3 years and spent 5 years to finish the. After 66 years, the last 8 years just to "grind" to watch for $11002500 aspect take field, breaking the 1998 one of the "18 karat gold perpetual calendar three ask bag table" to create the 19600000 Hong Kong dollar record.   www.biao168.com

is currently the main collection of collectors two,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com,         from the collection >

Bai Shangwen Vacheron Constantin need patience in Chinese

        Bai culture: Vacheron Constantin need patience to watch brand in the China, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   as Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific managing director Bai Shangwen face reporters for the primary strategy of Vacheron Constantin in China is what questions, blink replied, with a sly smile: "patience, for an open less than 30 years, has a population of 1300000000 and annual economic growth of more than 8% countries, the growth in demand for luxury goods is a very long process, traditional luxury companies need patience, likewise,http://www.breitling-heuer.com, Vacheron Constantin also need patience."           although Vacheron Constantin (VACHERON  CONSTANTIN) recognized was created in 1755, but Vacheron Constantin really in a brand identity, or in the rich experience and be full of go businessman Feilangsuowa · Constantine joined the company in 1819 after the establishment of the.         Vacheron Constantin China translation, allegedly Shanghai local dialect for "Constantine" brand in the latter part of transliteration, transliteration effect in today although it sounds very not ideal,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, but nearly a hundred years of the passage of time has become the final result. This seems more in line with the Bai Shangwen repeatedly stressed that Vacheron Constantin — one of the characteristics of respecting history.         during the interview, Bai Shangwen told reporters,http://www.watch4usale.com, since 1840, when Vacheron Constantin watch the production drawings, records, the date of sale and the movement information such as case numbers, will be preserved intact in the company’s file cabinet. This among them, including the 1860 Chinese emperor Xianfeng ordered a blue enamel decorative pocket watch.         "Vacheron Constantin seeks not only fashion, is forever." History often gives the luxury of intangible value more, the continuation of such as family culture and emotion. It is reported that Bai Shangwen had a gathering in Beijing met a wearing Vacheron Constantin antique table young man. Bai Shangwen curiously approached asked young man watches are the proceeds from the auction or buy in the secondary market. The young man answered and said, this is his grandfather, passed it to his father,www.breitling-heuer.com, his father passed on to him. In this way, the wrist luxury became the continuation of the family history heritage and emotion.         Vacheron Constantin currently has the mechanical watch technology complex world most, this point, it can be inferred from its 2005 250 anniversary list Tour  de  to be reflected in the l’Ile. Tour  de  l’Ile table unique combination of complexity and astronomical function watch, a total of sixteen different characteristics: three minute repeater, sunset time display, calendar function.

The universal expression of Wen Xi series keep abreast of fashion

        universal expression of Wen Xi series close fashion watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,www.breitling-heuer.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Wan Guobiao hand shows the world created by brand are fresh watch series, on the other hand also tell you the time-honored brand also close to the trend, still have endless creativity. Da Vince series first published in 1985, it is the contemporary a very complicated watches, so immediately caused a sensation in the launch of the future. To celebrate the 20 anniversary of the birth of famous watch series, table des Nations in particular to Da Vince chronograph watch only gold and stainless steel models dressed in a red dress, type 79261 automatic winding movement preparation, sometimes,http://www.watch4usale.com, small seconds, date,http://www.breitling-heuer.com, week,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, month, year, moon phase display and timing function. The 41.5 mm diameter size case with this year’s hottest rose gold material, it seems old Wanguo table is also close to the fashion.

Flying Breitling

        flying breitling watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch was founded in 1884 and is one of the world’s top Breitling watches. There is a pair of wings of Breitling (BREITLING) from the date of birth and air together. Whether the product design or marketing means, Breitling and aviation "be closely related and mutually dependent". "Vivid image is the main key brand identity. Such as the NAVITIMER series, the circular flight sliding scale design, is an absolute concept of flight." BREITLING professional Chronograph (China) Limited General Manager Chen Fuqiang said, "the spirit of personal brand identity, and personalized table design, does have the advantage in the fierce market competition of mechanical watch." Chen Fuqiang think, in this everything required to have self style era, if not prominent features of traction consumer emotional identification, it can only be free between success and failure. Therefore the Breitling emphasis on three elements: the illustrious reputation (Prestige), functional performance (Performance) and innovation (Innovation). BREITLING is in this spirit to flight connection brand operation, very consistent, so that consumers feel the dream of flight. In Switzerland, the family of independent management watch company has a team of professional jet display team; has displayed in the America Flying Association Museum a Breitling dashboard witnessed the balloon in 1999 the world’s first round the world glory; 1941 was "sliding and rotating dial" invention patent brought revolutionary breakthrough for the function of the watch. Pilots use this watch can not only easily for multiplication and division, metric conversion, and can calculate the shuttle launch and landing speed and time; 1995 NATO requirements, Breitling has developed a have the survival function, built in 121.5 MHz micro transmission emitter multi-functional chronograph watch, "this table has been saved the lives of 18 people in the world." BREITLING professional chronometer (China) market Limited Sales Manager said. BREITLING or global only for the production of all styles provide the Swiss official Observatory certification brand watches. The annual production of 130000 watches Breitling has 2600 points of sale in the world, Japan the development of 200 dealers, in Hongkong there are 22, and formally entered China for only a year,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, but in Beijing, Shanghai,www.luxuryonhere.com, Shenyang, opened 8 stores. "Breitling brand price in the 1.55 million between. In China, we aim at customer is 25-40 years, have the dream of flying, love sports personality people, mainly to successful man." Li Hongye said, "some of the guests at the weekend to Shanghai to read EMBA,http://www.watch4usale.com, by the way, will also visit to our store." Buy Breitling in China than foreign tax of 15%, but China’s stock is more, but the globe style have difference,www.watchonhere.com, so even the foreigners like to purchase in china. The so-called "three words from the.

Tudor new sports series (Figure)

        Tudor new sports series wrist watch (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   although time is eternal,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, but changing timepiece always makes us Jin Jin tao. As of April this year, the new product two major Swiss Watch Fair on. Mechanical precision metal dignified temperament, light, flashing noble jewelry, classic style and today will be the years outstanding science and technology mixes, moments that make people have a sense of vertigo. Tudor Tudor new sports series         Tudor multifunction timepiece new, vitality, fashion and vitality, and set designed for some trust in your own taste,www.watchonhere.com, through design and multiple functions demonstrate the performance determination performance.       button, the crown, the activities of the outer ring, bracelet, makes this new style more comfortable in wearing and use and convenient.       through a variety of innovative details, including with the color,http://www.watch4usale.com, the material,http://www.luxuryonhere.com, the minor component labeling and striking surface pattern, so each table are prominent personality. Each motion series multifunction timepiece are assembled through a number of test automatic winding mechanical movement, to ensure accurate and reliable, and can be waterproof as deep as 150 meters.

Rolex — entirely by hand carved

        Rolex — entirely by hand carved name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,www.luxuryonhere.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch "Rolex" predecessor "W& D" company. Rolex Rolex by the German Hans · Wyss Astoria with the British Davies in 1905 in Rolex Rolex Renton partnership. Rolex Rolex in 1908, wise Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "W& D" thus changed to "Rolex". After nearly a century of effort, headquarters in Geneva Rolex company has with its 19 branch. With an annual output of around 450000 watches. Become one of the market share of very large brand watches. Hans · Wilsdorf was born in 1881 in a city of bavaria. In 1905, he and Davies named a British co founded the "Wilsdorf and David company" in London, watches and clocks began operating business. In July 2,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, 1908, Wilsdorf registered a Rolex La Schade Finn in Switzerland (ROLEX) trademark. The world watches the industry from more than a luxury brand, and the emergence of innovation again milepost type. In 1914, the Rolex watch in a small British KEW Observatory issued by a grade certificate,www.luxuryladywatch.com, this is the authority on the clock accuracy Observatory the highest level of accreditation. This makes winning Rolex prices doubled after decades, Rolex has become synonymous with "exact". Interestingly, "Rolex" was originally used was a outstretched fingers of the hand, the implication of the brand table completely by hand carved. Now known as the crown of the registered trademark, is gradually evolved. Since the "Rolex" was founded, has set many world record of the history of watches and clocks. In 1926, one of the founders of the Wyss Astoria invented Rolex oyster waterproof watches and officially registered. The so-called oyster, oyster waterproof device that copy structure to. The following year, famous swimming women Miyuki Di wire across the English channel, wrist wear is the oyster waterproof sheet. The Rolex watch soaked in seawater for 15 hours and a quarter, but intact, astonishing. The matter at the time of the British "Daily Mail" front page news, known as "the tabulation technology’s great victory", "created has been that difficult to achieve a miracle". Since then, Rolex oyster waterproof watch popular in the world,http://www.watch4usale.com, but also laid the Rolex company in the leading position of the watch waterproof technology. In 1931, Rolex produced later of be the rage "perpetual motion (PERPETUAL)" table, brings about a revolution in the watch industry. This automatic form the central axis of a pendulum thallium, can swing a slight wrist movements into power watches, thus no manual on the chain. This was recognized as the most accurate and reliable automatic chain technology watch. In 1945, Rolex invented the first automatic significantly more only "window on the world".

Eternal durable — radar table

        eternal durable — radar table watch brand,www.luxuryonhere.com, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1997,www.luxuryladywatch.com, radar table company celebrates its 80 year anniversary. After forty years as a watch core suppliers, the company in 1957 to radar table brand name to launch the first watch series. In 1962 the first made of hard metal, never wear oval drill catalog, then lay the foundation for the successful story of extraordinary. When other brands are still using gold, silver, copper,http://www.watch4usale.com, this kind of traditional material, radar model first used the "future" of the material, such as hard metal, high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal. And always adhere to the development of a combination of design and materials watches, the watch as a dual function of a modern jewelry and timer. Because the watch itself can best represent their uniqueness, and highlights the out of the ordinary way of expression of the brand. Design time, and go down to posterity value — radar table will be time and the design of the best interpretation, and the perfect combination of both, giving it a go down to posterity value. Trying to make the appearance and function of the watch melt with each other harmoniously,http://www.breitling-heuer.com, to create lasting and durable material beyond the time table is radar table creation goal. Behind this conviction, depends on manufacturing, advanced processing technology and the modification of the world’s most hard material technical support. So even if the eternal mystery of nature cannot and put on a par with, however, each branch of radar table certainly a long-term evergreen trait, because manufacturing radar table material is tungsten titanium alloy, ndelible is not easy to wear shuttle in space with sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics and sparkling high-tech diamond, let us hear about them the immortal legend of quenching. In 1962, radar table to tungsten titanium alloy revolutionary, created the world’s first is not easy to wear watches shake table altar. Tungsten titanium alloy is a kind of metal binders and with titanium tungsten and carbonization carbide as raw material made of hard materials, surface of the hard material can make the tungsten titanium alloy is smooth and bright, mechanical stability and binders are given a high. Making radar table tungsten titanium alloy process is quite complicated, must first to 1000 bar pressure to tungsten carbide and titanium carbide powder is pressed into the blank, and then in a special furnace with high temperature sintering temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, after multiple processes, and diamond powder grinding, and finally to the formation of surface glittering. Tungsten titanium alloy is dark gray, but the radar table by chemical vapor deposited method and physical vapor deposition method of two kinds of coating process for coloring, tungsten titanium alloy and nondestructive its luster and antiwear properties. Radar table tungsten titanium alloy existing gold and black two colors. The near future, people will find that always dream of perfect watch, originally is the radar table. The brand has been perseverance, diligently in every detail, to perfect the performance time. The attraction? Because watch dazzling bright, sparkling, aroused interest? Is fascinated by the unique design of a model? Or is it the hardest global material has its charms, and technology superb radar is more love at first sight.

Provide OMEGA watches offer website and price information

        provide OMEGA watches offer website brand and price information watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

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wear OMEGA watches, on behalf of achievement and perfection, this OMEGA watch industry and advertising industry have known the name is derived from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, by the taste of people loved. OMEGA in sailing, track and field,www.vipwatchmall.com, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored by the European golf, won the Olympic Games designated timer is up to thirty-one times more. OMEGA also invited some celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with the formula one champion Schumacher,http://www.watch4usale.com, figure skating champion Chen Lu, Switzerland’s number one tennis player Sindis, sailing Racer Peter · sir Blake, golfer Ernie · Ace,www.watchonhere.com, peel stage · Bresnan, Cindy · Crawford, Simon Yam, Qiqi and other sectors top people.

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