Swiss watch giant Swatch group to buy Italy jeweler Baoge

        industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek,, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) any form of bid negotiation. Hayek also said,, the current situation, Bao

              industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday,, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) offers any form of negotiation. Hayek also said, the current situation, Bvlgari did not show the acquisition by Swatch will.

            Hayek is shown in the above point of view in this Monday to accept the Reuters telephone interview. Hayek said: "the Swatch group did not show any desire to rush to buy Bvlgari. On the other hand, Bvlgari also did not show any desire to rush acquired by Swatch. Both the public and behind the scenes occasions, Swatch and Bvlgari are not present any about takeover negotiations."

            according to German media Focus previously reported, Hayek on the Bvlgari company said, this is a great potential for growth of high quality brand. But Hayek also stressed that the Swatch group and not in order to gain control of Bvlgari to the other party and launch a hostile takeover. Hayek told the Focus: "we are not a shark. We hope to build a business,, but not random acquisition of a business."

              on the other hand, Bvlgari official also denied to sell the company to Swatch rumors. The headquarters is located in Italy Rome Bvlgari in its statement Monday said: "the two companies never negotiate trade shares in any form. The Bvlgari family did not sell the company will."

              Kepler Capital Markets analyst Cox (Jon Cox) said: "from a strategic point of view that development of this deal is beneficial to both companies. Swatch hopes to develop jewelry business, while Bvlgari watch brand is undoubtedly a good supplement. But from the >

[] watches watches collection prices only rise or

        high-end watches have become the identity of the buyer showing off luxury fashion, since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer, worth. Many stars, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect the


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high-grade watches become buyers show the identity of the luxury fashion,       since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer, worth. Many stars, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect their own value. At present, there are relatively well-known Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Pigeut, universal, Blancpain, count, Cartire, Jaeger Le Coulter, Rolex, PERREGAUX and other brands, high quality movement and classic appearance of these watches have,, not only to bring buyers value embodied, more make watches as the historical value and significance of the collection.

Switzerland has always been to produce high-grade watches known to the world,       well-known. The Swiss watch sales all over the world, popular favor from all walks of life, so the Swiss watch has become almost synonymous with watches, it is worth mentioning that more nearly every year Swiss watch brands will have 5%-10% price. 2006 in the Swiss brand price driven, watches auction prices began to rise. In 2006, Christie’s auction, a model 1463 Patek Philippe stainless steel chronograph watch, made a HK $910000 price, another lady’s 18K Gold Diamond Bracelet Watch oval to 2580000 Hong Kong dollar transactions.

this table has more than 900 members, 24 functions,         this is not the most expensive in 1933 an American banker to the Patek Philippe custom a watch. And precise travel time to 2100, is the world’s most complex watch. Until 1941, the banker had to watch. It is said that this watch design time only spent 3 years and spent 5 years to finish the. After 66 years, the last 8 years just to "grind" to watch for $11002500 aspect take field, breaking the 1998 one of the "18 karat gold perpetual calendar three ask bag table" to create the 19600000 Hong Kong dollar record.

is currently the main collection of collectors two,,         from the collection >

Oris introduction

        Oris watch brand introduction,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watch   since 1904, adhere to the Swiss mechanical watches oris process created the traditional real perfect, by the young generation loves. Most of the Oris watch, priced at between four hundred to eight hundred U.S. dollars, many people can afford. Series of oris mechanical timepiece equipped with a variety of special design, to meet the different needs of people, like a pointer type calendar indication,, small needle and alarm etc..

TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch

        professional golf watch brand tag heuer watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches TAG Heuer professional golf watch someone like cigars on the golf course, the life two big fun together dry. But this is a dangerous move, you should be playing again and took the cigar smoke to caddie, sew, "Joseph", but the world many design is for you "proud",, a cigar manufacturers have designed a "cigar inserted", can be like the tee plug in the lawn,, then plug in your cigars. When not playing to smoke, wearing a watch may not play time. But last year, TAG Heuer cooperation with tiger Woods designed and launched the world’s first professional golf watch,, this summer has launched a fashion classic white. This watch is the first specifically for the sport of golf design, can be used for professional golfers wear on the pitch. Made of ultra light titanium alloy, stainless steel and silicon rubber material, its weight is only 55 grams, adjusting button from the right side of the dial to move to the left, to avoid the players feel uncomfortable wrist movement.

Audemars Pigeut limited edition watch for F1 driver Montoya

        * Yu as Swiss watches net cash on delivery buy watches zero risk! Book sales table net men’s Swiss watches and slim lady watches, brand-name sapphire watches, Longines watches, OMEGA watches, Rolex, Tudor watches, Vacheron Constantin watches, Patek Philippe wrist

Shanghai science and Technology Museum in the gathering dusk appears to be more attractive, it is here, top Swiss watch Audemars Pigeut table in recognition of outstanding F1 rider Montoya specially designed limited edition commemorative watch made official in front of the world show their noble countenance.

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  sevenfriday watch replica

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              coming in on the pitch go by like the wind Montoya and Audemars Pigeut President Mr. Lang, plum table table Audemars Pigeut general agent as president Mr Meng Xianting Keller jointly unveiled the commemorative watch. Audemars Pigeut table also hope that through this memorial watches,, I wish Montoya achieved excellent results in Shanghai.

sevenfriday watch replica

  sevenfriday watch replica

              Royal Oak Offshore Montoya self winding chronograph watch (Royal Oar OffshoreJuan Pablo Montoya) combines the results and Audemars Pigeut watch excellent watch technology research F1 the most advanced, perfect the two cutting-edge technology, have many elements to F1 car reflected in the Audemars Pigeut watch Montoya Memorial watches, from the material to the design details. The birth of commemorative watch a comprehensive update of the top watches manufacturing technology,, in the Audemars Pigeut watch brilliant history to establish a new milestone. sevenfriday watch replica

The count of Party series luxury at night

        count Party series luxury night watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches recently,, with ten models wearing the latest count Limelight  Party series, in the song, in a specially built swing at the dinner table,, convergence a lot of attention.   to celebrate the resplendent with variegated coloration of the new Limelight  Party series officially launched,, the count recently held a grand banquet, Piaget President Yves  G.  Piaget, Asia Pacific managing director Dimitri  Gouten, and He Chaoqiong, Ruan Weiwen and his wife and other celebrities and guests, to enjoy the people as the acme of perfection performance.   the count for the new Limelight  Party watch and jewelry series lace   (Lace), champagne bubbles   (Champagne), mirror ball   (Nightlights);     (Fireworks) and fireworks;   do inspiration. And all the details on the same day dinner is around these four themes. The   Dress  in  Lace, Celebrate  with  Champagne, Radiate  under  the  Nightlights and   Firework  in  Blossoms  the four dish is by Hongkong Mandarin Oriental Hotel,, with Limelight& nbsp; four Party theme, carefully designed out.   the count also invited the world famous bubble artist Ana  Yang, the wonderful "champagne" for guests to perform global performance. Ana often tour performances around the world, in the count’s after dinner, she will be in Beijing for the first time to challenge the Guinness book of world records.

Brand history Audemars Pigeut table — innate excellence

        brand history: Audemars Pigeut table — innate excellence brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Audemars Pigeut watch from birth until now, always retained the tradition of watchmaking technology and excellent enterprise spirit, is the world’s few so far still watch factory founded by one of the family in charge of the. Historical inheritance brilliant in 1875, two young talent masters Jules LouisAudemars and Edward AugustePiguet determined to join the development of precision watch career in the Swiss watch resort Jura Valley, officially founded Audemars Pigeut watch watch factory; and the establishment of "Audemars in LeBrassus in December 17, 1881,, PiguetCie company. AP is the first letter "two people named A" and "P" composition. Trained two people in the Jura Valley to become professional polish divisions, and developing the most sophisticated part of watch manufacturing. Watch factory was established at the beginning of two, look far ahead from a high plane Audemars Pigeut founder has decided to no longer be watch factory parts suppliers, to take the lead in developing a complete clock; in 1882 to create the first gold bag watch equipped with calendar device, reflect their enterprising spirit and wit. With the entrepreneurial spirit itself, they focus on manufacturing Audemars Pigeut complex tables, and a series of strategic marketing, the love he table to become the world’s largest complex tables invention records brand. In 1889 tenth session of Paris world watch exhibition, the exhibition of works of GrandeComplication Audemars Pigeut watches Tourbillon table, equipped with table asked, double needle timer and perpetual calendar function, design of precision,, reverberated in the watch industry. This success, the love he table fame quickly in the altar table establish leadership. In addition to the original in London and Paris agents, new agents are also set up in Berlin, New York and Buenos Aires etc.. With the expansion of business, in 1907, "Audemars, PiguetCie" companies to purchase new property in the original adjacent buildings, now Audemars Pigeut watch museum. Audemars Pigeut watch manufacturing centre also never away from the site, each watch from the watch making birthplace — the Swiss ValleedeJoux watch factory, and engraved with the watchmaker’s name and individual number, precious. Audemars Pigeut table can be immortal in the distinguished Swiss watchmaking tradition, all because of its two founding family always table for the Audemars Pigeut commitment and later master tabulation loyalty. Since 1882, the Audemars and Piguet members of the family have served as the main duties of company, while Audemars and Piguet are respectively in charge of the company within two business areas; Audemars is responsible for the technical part, Piguet is more involved in commercial activities. Management method of this combined by family members are still in use, long lasting. In 1917,, JulesLouisAudemars retired and by his son PaulLouisAudemar.

American RGM open independent tabulation Road

        RGM American open independent watchmaking brand road watch, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

1969 years RGM published the first gold American producing mechanical movement, and also announced in the Lancaster town of Pennsylvania state (here was born many famous America watch brand) homemade case. In fact, USA local watchmaker generally from the Eurasian procurement case and other parts, only a few USA Manufacturers Association in the local procurement of parts. RGM is currently the only one using American USA watchcase, watch brand American movement. sevenfriday watch replica

                case RGM is the first self-produced in 151 series,, and later 151P and 151E use RGM produced from the case. Now, RGM is promoting its first homemade titanium watchcase watch,, also 151 series. The next step,, case RGM will develop a 42 mm, to match the self-made manual movement of Caliber 801. sevenfriday watch replica

                RGM is proud to walk on the road of independent tabulation, and for domestic brands and proud! sevenfriday watch replica

LV launched the Tambour Mysterieuse transparent table

        LV launched the Tambour Mysterieuse transparent table watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch last month, Louis Weedon has just launched its new series Tambour Mysterieuse – can be said to be the most complicated watch transparent table. Core LV this watch dial 115 suspended in the central,, magic and mystery. The 8 day 8 hour power reserve for this form promoted senior watches a lot of extra points. Watchcase with platinum, gold or platinum building,, 42.55 mm in diameter size, suitable for both men and women wear. Each Tambour Mysterieuse basically takes 1 years to make,, basically can be said to be personalized custom —

Rolex platinum oyster perpetual GMT master II watch (map)

        Rolex platinum oyster perpetual GMT master II (map) watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   although time is eternal, but changing timepiece always makes us indulge in elaborating on. As of April this year, the new product two major Swiss Watch Fair on. Mechanical precision metal dignified temperament, light,, flashing noble jewelry, classic style and today will be the years outstanding science and technology mixes,, moments that make people have a sense of vertigo. Rolex         Rolex         platinum oyster perpetual GMT master II watch         18K platinum surface, 24 hour rotating periphery,, diamond and sapphire; shell crown ear and shoulder are inlaid with diamonds; oyster bracelet and with new oyster safety belt buckle and Easylink function; surface densely studded with diamonds.         18K platinum surface,, 24 hour rotating periphery, studded with diamonds and black stones; shell crown ear and shoulder are inlaid with diamonds; oyster Bracelet intermediate inlaid with diamonds, with new oyster safety belt buckle and Easylink function; black surface.