Swiss watch giant Swatch group to buy Italy jeweler Baoge

        industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek,, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) any form of bid negotiation. Hayek also said,, the current situation, Bao

              industry giant Swatch Group CEO Hayek, the Swiss watch manufacturing (Nick Hayek) said on Monday,, the company is currently no Bvlgari and Italy jeweler (Bulgari) offers any form of negotiation. Hayek also said, the current situation, Bvlgari did not show the acquisition by Swatch will.

            Hayek is shown in the above point of view in this Monday to accept the Reuters telephone interview. Hayek said: "the Swatch group did not show any desire to rush to buy Bvlgari. On the other hand, Bvlgari also did not show any desire to rush acquired by Swatch. Both the public and behind the scenes occasions, Swatch and Bvlgari are not present any about takeover negotiations."

            according to German media Focus previously reported, Hayek on the Bvlgari company said, this is a great potential for growth of high quality brand. But Hayek also stressed that the Swatch group and not in order to gain control of Bvlgari to the other party and launch a hostile takeover. Hayek told the Focus: "we are not a shark. We hope to build a business,, but not random acquisition of a business."

              on the other hand, Bvlgari official also denied to sell the company to Swatch rumors. The headquarters is located in Italy Rome Bvlgari in its statement Monday said: "the two companies never negotiate trade shares in any form. The Bvlgari family did not sell the company will."

              Kepler Capital Markets analyst Cox (Jon Cox) said: "from a strategic point of view that development of this deal is beneficial to both companies. Swatch hopes to develop jewelry business, while Bvlgari watch brand is undoubtedly a good supplement. But from the >

Geneva watches awards ceremony senior watches through the crisis

        at the end of the year,, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious tableAt the end of

, all kinds of professional watch magazine’s annual watch selection have been published. Recently, Geneva haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was held in the Geneva grand theater. This year is the ninth degree holding Geneva haute Horlogerie awards, is the Swiss watch industry’s most prestigious honor the altar table, there were 362 entries watch this year, fire scene.

TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer

, the Swiss Watch Industry Association (FH) the latest data show that the impact of the economic downturn, in October the Swiss watch exports fell by 22.7% to 1300000000 Swiss francs over the same period last year,, making the past ten month decline remained at 25.5%, it is no wonder that many conservative design classic "tsunami table" came into being at the beginning of this year. But the Swiss watch brand this year with the launch of the new, there are still many challenges the limit the movement style, bold avant-garde design, breakthrough technology innovation,, and luxury all drilling watches on display eighteen inverse crisis, like Wu Yi, to greet the arrival of 2010 with a positive attitude.

recently, TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer) announced that its most audacious, timing accuracy of one percent seconds of mechanical chronograph Monaco V4 officially listed for sale, priced at 650000 yuan, the world’s only sold 150 pieces, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the tag heuer. As a concept table, Monaco V4 awards, including Geneva haute Horlogerie Awards Best Design Award, "Wallpaper", "the best watch", "Popular Science" "the best new product". V4 before the birth of modern mechanical watches have any complex function is usually used with "traditional" watch parts, the V4 design team will be those principles aside, they pioneered the use of belt drive device successfully replace the traditional mechanical watches in the small gear and gear shaft. This is the type of belt drive watch industry miracle, entirely by hand crafted, is the mechanical movement dynamics and create a new mode of thinking, whether to be a commercial success, still need time to give the answer.


LANGE ZEITWERK in Geneva Langer’s haute Horlogerie awards ceremony was awarded the "L` Aiguille d`Or" (golden hands award). Full mechanical jump word type in hours and minutes show with the inchworm type >

Watch repair DIY

        the first basic power plane is a plane file file. The operator should be relaxed, comfortable at work, to watch repair it. Should not be squeezed in a narrow space. Factors of work case and vice height is also very important, highly should make caught in the vise.




the first basic skills is file plane. The operator should be relaxed, comfortable, when working in       to watch repair it. Should not be squeezed in a narrow space. Factors of work case and vice height is also very important, highly should make the workpiece clamped in the vise holding the same height in the operator and elbow position. Work on the case shall be fitted with a bench vice, jaw width is 60 millimeter commonly more appropriate (Figure 1) for the clock repair, it is best to use 80 mm wide jaw vice, and to install a solid.

                                                            &nbsp,; and nbsp;                       &nbsp,;           &nbsp,;   &nbsp,;                               Figure 1 table vice

a hand to firmly hold a file handle,       filing time. Another hand to hand should be put in the front surface of the file. Full length to be used in the process of filing filing blade push forward file. But in return, don’t add pressure on the file, file the return is often incorrectly and the workpiece damage. Pay attention to avoid the use of forwards in the file >

The classic symbol of the time in the world (Photos)

        classic "symbol of the time in the world" (Photos) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

on the staff, the black "tadpole" weave the chapters of life for human beings.

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notes, is the symbol of music! sevenfriday watch replica

on paper, pen writing people human emotions, to record a long history. sevenfriday watch replica

text, is the national cultural symbol! sevenfriday watch replica

and never stop running time? sevenfriday watch replica

it’s the minutes and seconds to record the time, with metal carve time,

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they are time symbol, time and time again humans to create brilliant. sevenfriday watch replica

how much you know about time? sevenfriday watch replica

in fact time not just those always follow the traditional orbit, minutes and seconds. sevenfriday watch replica

if you pay attention,, time of the world equally exciting, here is full of all kinds of strange, weird,, full of fragrance of the classic symbols of art. sevenfriday watch replica

"GMT" easy control of two time

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GMT, it often appears in the watch for the sign, like playing with the "time" is no stranger to the people, to see it naturally know watches is to time zone function as the main. GMT is the actual Greenwich Mean Time acronym, translated as the Greenwich standard time, this is the January 1, 1885 the formal implementation of the time zone of the world standard, and we see today in the watch "GMT" represents two of the function. sevenfriday watch replica

look at pointer GMT, it is the time zone function of the family patriarch level table section,, from birth has gone through a hundred years of history, but in such a watch, can not say very representative of Rolex (ROLEX),, classic styling and accurate travel time of people, still two when watches stroke >

Eternal durable — radar table

        eternal durable — radar table watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1997,, radar table company celebrates its 80 year anniversary. After forty years as a watch core suppliers, the company in 1957 to radar table brand name to launch the first watch series. In 1962 the first made of hard metal, never wear oval drill catalog, then lay the foundation for the successful story of extraordinary. When other brands are still using gold, silver, copper,, this kind of traditional material, radar model first used the "future" of the material, such as hard metal, high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal. And always adhere to the development of a combination of design and materials watches, the watch as a dual function of a modern jewelry and timer. Because the watch itself can best represent their uniqueness, and highlights the out of the ordinary way of expression of the brand. Design time, and go down to posterity value — radar table will be time and the design of the best interpretation, and the perfect combination of both, giving it a go down to posterity value. Trying to make the appearance and function of the watch melt with each other harmoniously,, to create lasting and durable material beyond the time table is radar table creation goal. Behind this conviction, depends on manufacturing, advanced processing technology and the modification of the world’s most hard material technical support. So even if the eternal mystery of nature cannot and put on a par with, however, each branch of radar table certainly a long-term evergreen trait, because manufacturing radar table material is tungsten titanium alloy, ndelible is not easy to wear shuttle in space with sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics and sparkling high-tech diamond, let us hear about them the immortal legend of quenching. In 1962, radar table to tungsten titanium alloy revolutionary, created the world’s first is not easy to wear watches shake table altar. Tungsten titanium alloy is a kind of metal binders and with titanium tungsten and carbonization carbide as raw material made of hard materials, surface of the hard material can make the tungsten titanium alloy is smooth and bright, mechanical stability and binders are given a high. Making radar table tungsten titanium alloy process is quite complicated, must first to 1000 bar pressure to tungsten carbide and titanium carbide powder is pressed into the blank, and then in a special furnace with high temperature sintering temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, after multiple processes, and diamond powder grinding, and finally to the formation of surface glittering. Tungsten titanium alloy is dark gray, but the radar table by chemical vapor deposited method and physical vapor deposition method of two kinds of coating process for coloring, tungsten titanium alloy and nondestructive its luster and antiwear properties. Radar table tungsten titanium alloy existing gold and black two colors. The near future, people will find that always dream of perfect watch, originally is the radar table. The brand has been perseverance, diligently in every detail, to perfect the performance time. The attraction? Because watch dazzling bright, sparkling, aroused interest? Is fascinated by the unique design of a model? Or is it the hardest global material has its charms, and technology superb radar is more love at first sight.

Cherie Chung luxury lineup endorsement Piaget jewelry

        Cherie Chung luxury lineup endorsements count jewelry watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches known as beautiful myth said, already faded out of the screen star Cherie Chung recently in Hongkong once again into public view. The beautiful image and elegance star to accept the world’s top watches and jewelry brand "count" (Piaget) cordially invite,, become the brand in the Greater China region jewelry image spokesperson. More let people look forward to is, Miss Zhong recently in Hongkong especially for the count took a series of promotional photos. No doubt, this let people in to see dazzling jewelry beyond count, more can feel again that Cherie Chung can not square thing of stunning charm. As a long history of jewelry brand,, world-renowned Earl countless fans. In 2005,, the Earl of jewelry more will be the first official landing China mainland market, forge for domestic female promotion set design and expensive jewelry. Therefore, the count attaches great importance to the propaganda and promotion of early, especially publicity photo shoot link. The count invited the superior strength of shooting squad, to ensure that the quality of publicity photo shoot. In the shooting group,, has twice won the Golden Horse Award for best design Xi Zhongwen served as the artistic director of the shoot link; and the photographer has a number of award-winning film by photo shoots and enjoy Rong Industry Hongkong famous photographer Xia Yongkang surgeon. In the filming process, to ensure the beautiful photos, the count invites stylist and make-up artist Zing Lee Ben  to be responsible for Cherie Chung’s makeup hairstyle — the two referred to as "the days of Queen’s" master joined obviously while improving the gold content photography works. In such a strong shot lineup, the final result is indeed let everyone very much looking forward to reason. The count Asia Pacific managing director Gu Teng (Dimitri  Gouten), and the count of China general agent Qiu / President Yang Baochun said they said of the Earl invited Cherie Chung as a spokesman, Cherie Chung has been to the noble and elegant temperament and health sexy image is famous at home and abroad, this is count jewelry, presented to the world the classic image. So the cooperation between the two sides can be described as "a match made in heaven", is an absolutely beautiful romance! For the grand its thing, count more in June will be held in Shanghai in large-scale conference, then count the international CEO more traveled from Switzerland to Shanghai, to meet with Cherie Chung, for the Greater China region media in-depth introduction count beautiful jewelry.

Chanel new Tourbillon Watch

        Chanel new Tourbillon watch watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 2007, Jack · Helleu designed for a Chanel bearing double meaning Watch – line art and mechanical function – this is a new challenge: a hitherto unknown to the perfect combination of tabulation process and luxury senior jewelry watches was born J12. "J12" series is known as the "Queen of complex function table" click here to see all the news photos of         new Chanel Tourbillon watch full of fascinating charm: the thickness of only 0.3 mm two piece of high-tech precision ceramic with 9 diamonds time scale,, watchcase, table frame and a watchband CO with 568 rectangular cut rubies.       an effect of this combination of praise: platinum, black high-tech precision ceramic and Ruby gleaming in the complex functional watch the most precious, absolutely There was no parallel in history. In 2007 the Basel table show,, Chanel will exhibit the world only, is also the most out of the ordinary one senior custom tourbillon watch.

Tudor new sports series (Figure)

        Tudor new sports series wrist watch (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   although time is eternal, but changing timepiece always makes us Jin Jin tao. As of April this year,, the new product two major Swiss Watch Fair on. Mechanical precision metal dignified temperament, light, flashing noble jewelry,, classic style and today will be the years outstanding science and technology mixes, moments that make people have a sense of vertigo. Tudor Tudor new sports series         Tudor multifunction timepiece new, vitality, fashion and vitality, and set designed for some trust in your own taste, through design and multiple functions demonstrate the performance determination performance.       button, the crown, the activities of the outer ring, bracelet, makes this new style more comfortable in wearing and use and convenient.       through a variety of innovative details, including with the color, the material, the minor component labeling and striking surface pattern,, so each table are prominent personality. Each motion series multifunction timepiece are assembled through a number of test automatic winding mechanical movement,, to ensure accurate and reliable, and can be waterproof as deep as 150 meters.

Bentley and Breitling

        Bentley and breitling watches brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "soar to great heights of B word" logo,, reflects the Bentley and Breitling in close connection with the concept of the brand value. At the same time the Breitling also designed for the British car brand (Breitling  for  Bentley) chronograph series. Today, the mechanical watch series and more than two new: Bentley  6.75 and Bentley  GT chronograph,, once again proved the Breitling technical excellence tabulation and elegant demeanor. Bentley  6.75        like BREITLING for Bentley design style, Bentley  6.75 Chronograph also pays attention to typical characteristics embodied Bentley: engraved roll lace bezel (Bentley Arnage car pedal lines) and resembles a wheel table bottom cover. This watch is not only a fine steel and gold style,, more launched 100 rose gold and 50 platinum edition. Bentley  GT:        GT chronograph dial with timer, reminiscent of the Bentley Grand  dashboard Tourer models. And in order to achieve the ideal state, Breitling using decoration and Bentley of the same color, the use of the color of a series of metal effect, for the first time in the manufacture of watches also belongs to.

Swiss watch OMEGA Omega

        Omega OMEGA watches Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1848, that is, the Swiss Federal was born the same year, Louis · Brandt (Louis Brandt) and La Chaux de Fen (La Chaux-de-Fonds) open watch block factory. In 1880, Louis Louis-Paul and Csar · son of Brandt plant will be selected to human enough, rich resources and convenient transportation of the Bill (Bienne) area. Site, the plant will be the first to give up the old assembly system, adopts the mechanical mode of production, the production of uniform specifications parts, and the introduction of a new division of labor system assembly work, arranged a precise and accurate, excellent in quality and reasonable in price table. Be known to all the world of OMEGA (Omega) 19 to movement since its publication in 1894, not only quickly become the mark of excellence, and therefore the company named "OMEGA (Omega)". Since, OMEGA (Omega) with its advanced watchmaking technology, became a pioneer in watchmaking for one hundred and fifty years. Since 1909, OMEGA (Omega) with its innate extremely accurate performance into the world sports world, to show its mettle. In 1932, the Losangeles Olympic Games, OMEGA (Omega) for the first time elected official Olympic designated timer. Subsequent decades, OMEGA (Omega) has 21 times for the Olympics as a timed work. In 1952, OMEGA (Omega) by the Olympic honor power chapter, recognition of its outstanding contribution to the world of sports, and reward the accurate and reliable timing and no great invention to a few dollars,, for example the first display electronic 1/1000 seconds end camera device, hitherto unknown timing instrument and measuring time can be displayed on the TV screen of OMEGA (Omega) observation telescope. In addition, today most of the modernization movement in the field of large-scale video matrix scoreboard is OMEGA (Omega) one of the inventions. In one hundred and fifty years, OMEGA (Omega) has been in the world one hundred and thirty countries to establish mutual trust and good business relationship. Many years of rich experience and flexible company policy to OMEGA (Omega) can continue to refine on, provide first-class quality of the watch,, in order to meet the needs of the changing customer innovation. Processing from the design, execution, each a watch shall be qualified through strict quality management and testing in the factory. Design: in the computer aided design of the screen, OMEGA (Omega) tabulation masters to innovation, to meet the modern styling and technology standard. Manufacturing: in each stage, materials and parts must pass strict quality control testing, to ensure that the parts are flawless,, especially core part is closely linked with the reputation of the company. The majority of OMEGA (Omega) mechanical movement are sent to the Swiss official Observatory table control board (C.O.S.C) to take the test, after sixteen days and nights,, in five different positions and three kinds of.