China News Network Liaoning air pollution prevention joint control work started start work, control of air pollution in Liaoning zone on May 30th morning, Liaoning held a "joint prevention and control of air pollution and the Twelfth National air quality protection work start meeting", in view of the main problems affecting the air quality of Liaoning start work, control of air pollution in Liaoning zone on May 30th morning, Liaoning held a "joint prevention and control of air pollution and the Twelfth National air quality protection work start meeting", for the major problems that affect the air quality of Liaoning, put forward ten tasks. It is understood that through the implementation of joint prevention and control of ten major projects, will strive to achieve the following goals: 2015, all city and county level city air quality better than the national standard level two; Shenyang city in the economic zone of PM10,, SO2 concentration decreased more than 10% over 2010, other city declined more than 5%; complete "12th Five-Year" total emissions of air pollutants; atmospheric pollution source control in the full realization of discharge standards; out of more than 50% yellow cars, motor vehicle full use of the country’s four oil; Shenyang Economic Zone haze pollution control; acid rain frequency and range of precipitation acidity in Liaoning coastal economic zone decreased significantly. Especially during the Twelfth National Games in Shenyang, and all the co host city of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than the daily average concentration of two national standards, no haze. These ten tasks are: first, the implementation of "integrated air pollution emission reduction" project. On the basis of scientific summary of "Yingkou city integrated air pollution reduction pilot experience, first in Shenyang City Economic Zone 8 to co-ordinate the formulation and implementation of special construction plan, to break the boundaries of the region in the neighboring city to promote the construction of large thermal power development, heat plant, power generation enterprises encourage condensation heating, effective utilization of industrial waste heat resources, accelerate the small coal-fired boiler the elimination process. By the end of 2012,replica watches, the new and expanded thermal power plants and heat source plants should be basically dismantled, covering a single coal-fired boiler with a single evaporation capacity of 10 tons / m.. Two is the implementation of key industries desulfurization and denitrification project. By 2012, the existing thermal power units and more than 90 square meters sintering machine to achieve all desulfurization. At the same time, we will also strengthen the operation of desulphurization facilities supervision, and can not reach the design indicators and can not be stable operation of the desulfurization facilities for rectification. By 2014, the existing set without the use of low efficiency of low nitrogen combustion technology and low nitrogen combustion with low NOx combustion; stand-alone capacity of 200 thousand kilowatts or more active coal-fired units completed denitration denitration efficiency, comprehensive to reach 70%. Three is to implement the steel industry industrial upgrading project. Integration of iron and steel industry production capacity,cheap price replica watches, the implementation of mergers and acquisitions,, eliminate backward production capacity, and achieve industrial upgrading. Focus on the industrial structure, merger and reorganization of iron and Steel Group and the relocation of the new Steel Corp Beiying Iron & Steel Group upgrading work. Four is the implementation of building materials industry comprehensive renovation project. Speed up the process of eliminating backward production capacity of building materials industry. Cement industry to focus on comprehensive rectification, to ensure that new dry process cement production line of particulate matter discharge stability standards. The five is to be "green" and "

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