Summary of news at home and abroad in 2011 5 January 2010 current news

        January 5, 2011 news at home and abroad to prepare for the 2011 national civil service examination: a domestic hot news: National Bureau of statistics data released on the 4, the 29 major food in late December 2010 50 domestic city average price, compared with December, more than

January 5, 2011 news at home and abroad, preparing for the 2011 national civil service exam:

one, domestic hot news:

National Bureau of statistics released 4,, the data show that in late December 2010, 50 cities in China 29 major food average price, compared with early December, more than 7 of the price increases. Analysts pointed out that the main reason for the rebound in food prices was the arrival of "two sections" and the climatic factors of low temperature, snow and rain. Bureau of statistics data show that in the period, flour and oil rose slightly, some vegetables and fruit prices rebound. Among them,, the price of rape rebounded 1.2% to 3.30 yuan per kilogram; cucumber rose 3% to 4.40 yuan per kilogram; tomatoes rose 1.6% to 5.19 yuan per kilogram; beans rose 6.9% to 7.43 yuan per kilogram. The rest or larger varieties, lamb meat, rose 2% to 42.79 yuan per kilogram, Hairtails rose 1.3% to 23.29 yuan per kilogram, Fuji Apple Rose 1.5% to 10.39 yuan per kilogram, domestic banana rose 2.9% to 5.28 yuan per kilogram; about 250 grams of packaged pasteurized milk rose 2.2% to 1.83 yuan per bag. In fact, from the 50 major food city Bureau of statistics released the day before the mid December 2010 average price data,, you can see the food prices rebound momentum, the 29 major food was released by the Bureau of statistics, there are about 60% prices.

summary of news at home and abroad in 2011 (5? The news in January 2010, the national development and Reform Commission yesterday issued a "anti price monopoly" and "anti price monopoly" program, the price monopoly agreement, market dominant position and administrative monopoly price form of behavior, the legal liability in detail. "Two" will be implemented from 1 next month. The NDRC also announced yesterday, Zhejiang Province, Fuyang City Paper Industry Association in 2010, the organization has five standing member meetings, consultations with the white paper packaging factory price, the monopoly agreement changes or a fixed price,, in violation of the "price law" and "anti monopoly law", decided to impose a fine of 500 thousand yuan.

reporter in January 4th from the national railway work conference was informed that this year, China’s high-speed railway operating mileage will add 4715 kilometers, the total mileage will exceed 13 thousand km, the initial formation of a wider coverage, greater effect of high-speed rail network. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will be opened to traffic in June this year

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