Name: Yu Xiaotong English Name: Jim (nickname: the crew of the world because of trouble) sex: male dog: Zodiac constellation: gemini type: O weight: 60 kg Yu Xiaotong personal information personality: confident, cheerful, honest education: School of dance

Name: Yu Xiaotong,

English Name: Jim www,replica watch.thesalewatches.com

nickname: Hun (because the crew of the most trouble) www.thesalewatches.com

gender: male www.thesalewatches.com

zodiac: dog www.thesalewatches.com

Constellation: Gemini www.thesalewatches.com

blood type: type



Yu Xiaotong personal data weight: 60 kg www.thesalewatches.com

personality: confident, outgoing and outspoken, www.thesalewatches.com,

degree: www.thesalewatches.com

, Affiliated School of Dance Academy

special skills: Ballet, performance, singing,

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Yu Xiaotong personal data, Yu Xiaotong profile, hobbies: guitar, piano, Internet, photography, www.thesalewatches.com,

motto: all work hard, www.thesalewatches.com,

like girls type: sensible, ideal, beautiful, www.thesalewatches.com,

‘s favorite food: instant noodles, www.thesalewatches.com,

‘s least favorite food: eggs, milk, www.thesalewatches.com,

‘s favorite animal: dog www.thesalewatches.com

‘s favorite color: Purple www.thesalewatches.com

‘s favorite male singers: Eason Chan, Jacky Cheung,www.watchgetluxury.com,


‘s favorite actor: anyone who is good at acting should learn


‘s favorite food: sweets, www.thesalewatches.com,

most wanted to go: travel around the world,replica watch, www.biao168.co>

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