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        evening news reporter in the audio reported that Hollywood is now more and more popular, at the end of the end of subtitles after adding a hidden plot, which is commonly known as the "egg."". But many fans have discovered that the recently released "Thor", "speed and 5" two major imported films"

evening news reporter Yu Ying reported

Hollywood is becoming more and more popular today. After the end of the subtitle, add a hidden story, which is commonly known as "Easter egg"". But many fans found that the recently released "Thor",, "speed and 5" two introduction film "eggs" have disappeared, the introduction of the original film made "scissors", which makes "foreshadowing plot" to see the audience greatly disappointed.


eggs were deleted fans anxious, 2011-6-1 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 film review watercress, eggs gradually popular, but the introduction was deleted

In recent years,

released import credits are popular, such as the "egg" set "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" after the end credits, the audience saw Orlando · and Kayla · Bloom; Knightley has a lovely son, last year’s "Iron Man 2" is this year’s "Thor" buried the "egg" foreshadowing, Thor hammer lay in a huge crater in.

and the "Thor" since its release in May 8th, many fans have been reflected in the "eggs" disappeared,replica watches, but this content in and overseas areas are fully retained when released. It is seen that "egg" users revealed he · Skarsgard plays in the cable and black actor Samuel ·, played by Jackson; Nick · Ferrer; meet the latter stood in front of a table, with a large metal box on the table. Two people began to talk about the relationship between claims and his team recently found and parallel, and Nick · Furui cable to the Dr for how to deal with what was in the box, the box is "Captain America" (released in July this year) appeared in the "magic cube". When Nick · when Dr cable told Furui "Cube" contains a huge source of power,, turn the lens, his reflected image shows that he is actually Loki (Loki, Thor became rivals). Coincidentally, last week’s release of "speed 5" and also "treat" countless fans. The unabridged version "speed 5" the end of the movie, Eva · Mendes and Johnson’s agent met, according to their conversation, cheshen Dominic’s girlfriend is not dead in episode fourth. This is undoubtedly in the announcement, "speed and 6" imminent. But the story did not appear on the local cinema screen.


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