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        real estate supermarket network news: Dantu, Jin Jiang Bao Shan, a pleasant climate, landscape advantages since ancient times is richly endowed by nature, livable, and leisure and pleasure. In recent years, Dantu has accelerated the pace of its ecological process: a total investment of 2 billion 550 million yuan investment in ecological construction

news: Dantu property supermarket, Jin Jiang Bao Shan, a pleasant climate, landscape advantages since ancient times is richly endowed by nature, livable, and leisure and pleasure. In recent years, Dantu has speeded up the ecological process steps: total investment of 2 billion 550 million yuan to ecological construction funds, urban green coverage rate of more than 45%, urban garbage treatment rate reached 100%, urban per capita public green area of 29.97 square meters, the forest coverage rate reached 22.1%, water quality qualified rate is 100%, from Zhenjiang City Central South line of 8 kilometers, now Dantu Metro increasingly revealed its charm: green hill is like black, green like wave. Changshan, Ma, ten in the mountain valley, lake protection; Zhang Temple Reservoir, Changshan reservoir and West Bay Reservoir water around four. The scenery here is good, the air is clean and fresh. After 10 years of change, a modern ecological city has been standing.


fast travel online accelerator is broken,fashiontimewear.com, a city with gorgeous change, Zhenjiang city south, Dantu is gradually realize seamless docking with urban "". The Shanghai Nanjing high-speed, 312 State Road, Yangli high-speed wear and the city, the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway and Beijing Shanghai high cast iron castings with Dantu site, the end of April, will complete the construction of high-speed rail Danyang Railway Station; June, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway trial operation…… Modern traffic closer to the region and the Shanghai Nanjing line city group space distance, and the realization of the high-speed docking between Shanghai and Nanjing,www.watchgetluxury.com, for Dantu to undertake economic radiation Shanghai,http://www.luxury4ubest.com, Nanjing and other places, to attract and gather talent, information and capital, promote industrial upgrading and city development, to create a broader space.


fast travel online break now accelerator ecological effect of Dantu area has become increasingly prominent, not only has the plate Dantu eco industrial park, economic development zone, Shiyezhou tourism resort, and the formation of the project, effect of the influx of popularity accelerated agglomeration "". Over 3 years, a total of more than 120 thousand new residents moved to Dantu, they favor is here a good ecology, the current Dantu Metro residential occupancy rate has exceeded 40%. Schools, hospitals, commercial, public transportation, public parks, squares and other infrastructure improvement, experimental school, Dagang school and other schools have also settled in Dantu Province, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,luxury swiss watch, traffic technician college, municipal Party school has also been moving in this. From the beginning of the second half of 2010, just six months time, three large city complex, two of the five star hotel located in Dantu city in 2011 at the same time, 800 acres of water valley lake comprehensive development, will form 1500 acres including workers Cultural Palace, youth activity center of the large water recreation center. This piece of old and young land, once again >

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