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The pictures, taken in Buckingham Palace’s throne room immediately after Kate Middleton and Prince William arrived from Westminster Abbey after the royal wedding, capture the Royal Family and the Middletons in rapturous mood.

The pictures were taken by Hugo Burnand, who also took the wedding photographs when Charles and Camilla married in 2005.

The heir to the throne also asked the photographer to take the birthday image which marked his 60th year in 2008.

In the picture, Charles wore the ceremonial uniform of the Welsh Guards but was shown in a very relaxed seated pose with his arm across the back of an ornate chair.

Mr Burnand,watches replica, married to Louisa and with four children, has also taken pictures of William and Harry and the Queen.

The photographer followed tradition and posed the wedding party in Buckingham Palace’s lavish throne room,Beach Cover Ups Skirts.

In the picture showing just the couple they are arm in arm with the bride holding her bouquet in her left hand.

The simple shot shows they are still excited after saying their vows less than two hours earlier,Replica watch.

The large group shot of the whole wedding party is more formal, with William’s family on his right while Kate’s relatives are on the other side.

The Queen and Duke are seated with a beaming Charles and his youngest son Harry standing behind them.

At the end is Camilla holding the hand of her granddaughter, Eliza Lopes, one of the bridesmaids, while pageboy Tom Pettifer and another bridesmaid,, Grace van Cutsem, stand nearby.

Kate’s family – Michael, Carole, James and Pippa – smile broadly, with the rest of the young bridal party in front of them – bridesmaids Margarita Armstrong-Jones and Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor with pageboy Billy Lowther-Pinkerton.

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