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For most of its life the Sea-Dweller never sold particularly well because it was too thick and too heavy for the ordinary consumer. And the Submariner could be bought for less and it looked nearly identical. In fact, on the secondary market the Sea-Dweller went for almost the same as the Submariner for the longest time.


Then in 2008 Rolex replaced the Sea-Dweller with the colossal Sea-Dweller Deep Sea, sparking off a rabid but brief frenzy as folks fell over themselves to acquire the departed Sea-Dweller. But deliveries of the Sea-Dweller continued until mid-2009,Pokemon Go Women Tank Tops, with the last being V-series Sea-Dwellers delivered in 2009 (Rolex collectors track the serial number letters with an embarrassing obsession),Game Pokemon Go Men T-shirt, which were the absolute last of the Sea-Dweller.

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