Wuda wood to sing the song up to show off or friends too

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ^ wudamu sing cry Washington Annie in May 29 in the second quarter, "China talent show" in Game 5 of the stage from, 12-year-old uudam sang the song "dream Eji", sing with the true feelings of the thoughts of heaven’s mother on the spot to sing cry out of Iraq

Wuda wood Annie Yi to sing cry

< p > Washington on May 29 in the second quarter "China talent show" the fifth stage from, 12-year-old uudam sang the song "dream Eji",
Top Sale Watches, sing with the true feelings of the thoughts of the mother of heaven on the spot to sing cried Annie, and let her take the initiative to put forward "when I was your mother Xiao Yi". But then there are netizens pointed out that the song is actually recording of Ewenki teenager singer Jim Doyle, and attach a copy of the video, please master audio contrast. The propaganda program director Lu Wei yesterday responded, "I use personality he did not lip synching,
http://www.dealsforwatch.com, users really too!"

Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie< p > uudam singing music talent show "false, or users, too" pop songs "editor in chief chenweijian the day before yesterday Fawei Bo said: China talent show arrangement wudamu lip synching the dream Eji" ("for the sound" Dorji), and Zhou Libo show earn millions of audience tears. Wuda Bbu Jin Bayar wood father "auspicious Sambo" on the evening of 29 has expressed outrage at micro-blog (micro-blog deleted). The child is!

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< p > this, Liuwei directed at the "too": "uudam is very poor children, childhood loss of parents, on the stage in such a way to convey to the mother’s love, I to listen to his songs didn’t have the heart to listen to go, even cry, but afterwards, but there is also a question he is lip synching is really too. My personality, never lip synching! Uudam is sung in the Shanghai Music Hall 1300 spectators and three in front of the judges, like Huang Shujun and Annie such professional music people do not see the mouth, want to in front of them lip synching, the level of the fundamental is the culmination. If there is a question, the scene of the 1300 spectators and the judges can be." He also said that will further understand the disclosure of online,
26221FT.OO.D002CA.01, there will be further news.

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in addition to the Wuda wood song, in the first phase of the show’s "rejection onion couple" has also been questioned as an artist". For the couple’s identity, Lu Wei think, this is like a college graduate to find a job, they participated in a variety of programs, the video uploaded to the various sites, purely for the sake of life and work."

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he also said frankly, the tragedy is not that the couple involved in too many programs,www.luxurylikestore.com, but that China has too many programs such as talent show offers opportunities. Like in the United States, the United Kingdom this program is only one of a ‘show’, if there is no other program, they will not be questioned." (East fish) >

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