Lee Minho City Hunter 5 set drama City Hunter hit drama series 1-20

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [type]: SBS Wednesday Thursday drama [broadcast]: May 25, 2011 [set number: 20 sets [screenwriter]: Huang Enjing [the director]: Chenhe [actor]: actor, Lee Min Ho and Lee Min Ho actress: Pu Minying male 2: Li Jun Hyuk female 2: goo Hara

[type]: Wednesday Thursday SBS drama

[] Premiere: May 25, 2011 nightgowns

[set]: 20 set


[screenwriter]: Huang Enjing


[director]: Chen He


[actor]: Actor: Lee Minho / Lee Min Ho heroine: Pu Minying male two: Li Junhe female two: Gu Ha Ra


[region]: South Korea

nightgowns[Full Version], [language]: Korean nightgowns < p < p > Lee Min Ho City Hunter in drama City Hunter hit 1-20 set plot introduction

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< p > drama "City Hunter" 2011 05 25 premiere, the play adapted from the Japanese comic, the stage by the cartoons in the 80s of last century Tokyo moved to Seoul 2011 outside, Lee Min Ho will be played by former CIA origin, see will be at a loss what to do lascivious male protagonist. Has a pretty face of full-time spy born Jiang Zhen (LMH), strong ability to him,
dior watch, in the cold city for people to solve difficult cured his wounds,
hublot mp 05 ferrari, and a re understanding of the story of love and family.


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news agency reported the popular Korean actor Lee Minho was selected for the SBS drama "City Hunter",Replica watches for sale; (CityHunter) actor. He plays the role of Dr. MIT’s background in the Chong Wa Dae national map information office of Li Yunsheng. Lee Minho had previously starred in the Korean version of the "boys" and to become famous,breitling watch.


"City Hunter" according to Japanese popular comic adaptation of the same name, but the stage to move to Seoul in 2011. Kang Jin is a handsome Li Yunsheng. Although he is a lecherous, but agile, smart.

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