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        according to the Legal Evening News "news more than 15 Greek unions organized a massive strike and rally in the capital Athens, to protest the government’s austerity. During the rally riots,
Summer Women Swimwear, some protesters clashed with police,
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about 20 thousand Greek people on the day of the march to Parliament before the Plaza de la Constitucin, held a protest.

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Athens March rally later upgraded to violence. Some of the demonstrators arson burned vehicles and damage to the road,Summer Women Bikini, but also to the police threw petrol bombs and debris, the police with tear gas and flare hit back. The conflict resulted in at least 28 people were injured,Summer Women Bikini, including 23 police officers and former development minister Kostis · Haji Zaki J. Haji Zaki J was injured in a nearby demonstrators besieged. hublot mp 05 ferrari

< p > December 15, the former Greek development minister Kostis & middot; Haji Zaki J on the streets of Athens being left-wing protesters laid siege to the injured. hublot mp 05 ferrari

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