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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last night 7:30 and yesterday afternoon 1 point, Zhejiang University Ningbo and Institute "jiaocao" Lu Junyan talk show "progress day by day" shot off in Hunan Satellite TV large ceremonial morality, after he in the 3 host at the end of the daily ritual fashion to competition in ten< p > last night 7:30 and yesterday afternoon 1 point,
http://www.love4usale.com, the Zhejiang University Ningbo Science Institute "jiaocao" Lu Junyan talk show "progress day by day" shot off in Hunan Satellite TV large ceremonial morality, after he in by the end of March Commercial Daily organized manners gentleman competition obtained ten strong and won the best photogenic. women summer dress

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creative drinks to conquer< p >,
breitling watch; boys
fashion watches Ningbo "jiaocao" by invited to Hunan Satellite TV, "every day" (figure, in front of the camera, Zhejiang Ningbo University and Institute of jiaocao Lu Junyan and China Aviation College, Academy of Chinese traditional opera, Peking University students,
www.time4usale.com, Liaoning University of four boys on stage to show the charm of FY campus boys. The scene, bio pharmaceutical specialty he dressed in a white coat the catwalk Pk funny OD show idol charm. Is the program group known as the most famous male idol plot. women summer dress

more than one hour show, singing and dancing, the grass show their talent. Lu Junyan with the killer beverage creative debut. "The cuckoo cuckoo sound", "chocolate lovers of 1991", "heartache" three homemade drinks greatly host and audiences of all ages. women summer dress

for the first time to participate in such a large-scale TV program, Lu Junyan feeling a lot, "know a lot of friends around the country,sleep tops, with successful people from all walks of life." As the Ningbo area jiaocao figure on the stage of "every day". He said, later will continue to work hard. women summer dress

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"I have various styles of hats" women summer dress

from the first game, plane model, T model, part-time Lu Junyan has accumulated rich experience. The 22 year old Lu Junyan has a face sign sunshine smile. Because of the "grass" of the title, Lu Junyan always maintained the best collocation in have a set of their own. "I usually love to wear formal and casual clothing all-match, leisure and fashion."

women summer dress

boy fashion watch "should be in line with the personal qualities, what kind of person, what kind of clothes to wear." Lu Junyan believes that accessories are essential in the mix. "Accessories can be a little more in the style you want." In all the accessories, he believes that the watch or bracelet is essential to boys. "What I like best is a hat. I have a variety of styles." Www.biao16>

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