Joey Wong sishengnv father Lin Jianyue was the biggest suspect! king

        17 years of courtship, but in 1994 after the two had parted for a long time. In 1993, Joey Wong and Lim Por-yen’s son Lin Jianyue Lixin group broke the scandal, the news that Lin Jianyue was married to Joey Wong sent Mei at the pursuit of luxury, and

17 years of courtship, but in 1994 after the two had parted for a long time. In 1993, Joey and Li Xin group Lim por yen’s son Lin Jianyue scandal broke,longines watches, there is news that had been married son Lin Jianyue to pursue Joey does not hesitate to send Mei Road house, and to the "Palace" xielingling break up. In 1994, a report said Joey in the years 2 months,, 3 months to Japan to shoot an advertisement, the story is mentioned in the "cause" (Joey Wang) recently and "martial arts scholar" (referring to Lin Jianyue) dark music. Because of the relationship with Lin Jianyue, at the time of the entertainment industry are also rumors of Joey Wong unmarried pregnancy. Therefore,, the outgoing "illegitimate child" of the news, Lin Jianyue immediately considered the biggest suspect. But this appearance is also friends "refers to facial features like Joey Wong, face mouth like Lin Jianyue". replica watches

Joey Wong "sishengnv" father Lin Jianyue accused the biggest suspect! Joey Wong sishengnv, but yesterday also reported that Joey Wong, the illegitimate daughter of rumors of four points. One of the suspected Joey Wong sishengnv, too bizarre story. Can be found from the telling of the parties, the illegitimate daughter of the story with legendary color, full of a variety of coincidence, the lower the credibility. Doubt two, why only now burst out? Over the past 17 years, since the original mother knew her identity, why not previously for DNA testing, which happens now burst out. About three, even if the mother said is true, but the midwife Fu Ruijiao’s words how much credibility? Fu is the infant trafficking group, to sell the baby, may also lie to the success of the transaction. Doubt four, if Joey Wong wants an abortion only surgery in July why? Pregnant in July when abortion is a thing, but not easy to success, why she choose at this time to get rid of the baby?

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·,; Joey Wong sishengnv was.

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