City Hunter 5 when out of the Shen Xiangchao challenger in the entire industry

        automotive business review in July 23rd reported that the design of Shen Xiangchao City Hunter is not only able to mass production, but also in the early 1990’s has a very good sales. Nothing is more comforting to a domestic car designer. To engage in a car at home

Automotive Business Review in July 23rd reported that Shen Xiangchao design City Hunter not only production, but also in the early 1990’s has a very good sales. Nothing is more comforting to a domestic car designer. Engaged in the domestic automobile modeling design of people know, can according to their own thinking completed from start to finish in a piece of work is difficult to, if products have the luck to be mass production, and is recognized by the market, need some luck ingredient.

nightgownsCity Hunter – > 5 when a Shen Xiangchao: Challenger in the industry as a whole in the groundbreaking, evening college after graduation from, because usually performed well on the job, BAIC’s leadership but not agree with Shen switch requirements, is to catch up with was to set up a joint venture company, jeep, put he was transferred to the joint venture company to do trial.

nightgowns< p > in the past,
rolex watches, the jeep Co., Ltd. is automobile manufacturing plant and then the United States is the fourth largest automobile factory American car companies (sold to Chrysler),
longines watches, a joint venture. American Motor Corp to professional and technical, industrial property rights and $8 million in cash shares, holding 31.35% of the joint venture company. In


officially started business, is the Chinese automobile industry’s first Sino foreign joint ventures.


after a few years of trial production,, the art foundation of Shen Xiangchao was transferred to the Department of modeling design. "At that time, the shape of the Department of only 5, 4 people, and a long time to do nothing."


During the period of

,gucci watch, the other designers occasionally change signs, most do is draw. In the era of no computer, no camera, the manual can only rely on people, in the hand drawn on the basis of the draft after the direct printing. The requirement is to draw each nut, and even a spring can not be lost. "I understand by doing this, the car turned out to have so many parts, but also know how each part is going on." Shen Xiangchao said to the automotive business review, "this experience is often good for my personal growth."

nightgowns< p > however, work bored to many university graduated young designers have left the jeep styling, the reason is very simple Shen Xiangchao not go — factory home nearly. This one left, but set aside a chance.


at the beginning of the 1990’s, the jeep to launch annual facelift in 2020 on the basis of this, let.

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