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        yesterday, the India website has been a week, according to reporters not completely statistics, the current domestic "I have a bribe", "I bribe" and other six or seven similar theme sites appear, and some local forum also set up "I bribe" Report< p > till yesterday,, India web site broke last week,, reporters, according to incomplete statistics, at present domestic has "I bribe,", "I bribed" six or seven similar thematic website appears, and some local forum also set up, "I bribe the report pages, only yesterday, one day, the total amount that browse on more than one hundred thousand, total reported information has more than 2000.

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I bribe the website to lift the private anti-corruption hot record difficult or shut down 2011-6-20 I bribe the police, I bribe the traffic police reporter interviewed found that many of these sites are generally faced with the filing difficulties, and yesterday the first series of websites I bribe the net or have been closed.

replica watches for sale< p > to report information has more than 2000 journalists and simple analysis of the past few days users report data, from the post report village cadre election bribery case, to burst the departmental level cadres some facts of corruption, officials involved in,
sexy Sleepwear, "I bribe the network throughout all levels, it, education, medical system of complaints majority. The content of bribery is also varied, at least to the cadres handed a high-end cigarettes, many also have a few years ago in order to get to the leadership of the leadership sent 4500000, etc..

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reporter from the CNZZ website traffic statistics query that, only yesterday a day, I bribe the net fixed IP traffic on more than 4 times,pajamas for women, while the number of other series of Web sites also reached a number of times, a conservative estimate of the total number of Web sites has been more than one hundred thousand times yesterday. According to YAHOO’s latest one for the "folk anti-corruption website can become the power of corruption?" The survey shows that more than 75% of users believe that the private anti-corruption website can disclose the bribery behavior, is conducive to the purification.

replica watches for sale< p > however, according to estimates by a moderator, really original report the facts does not exceed one-fifth of, this calculation, total reported information has more than 2000. In these reports, the vast majority of users are anonymous.

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"I bribe" or have been shut down according to a website revealed that the current domestic these "I bribery" series of sites are not to the relevant departments for the record, the main reason is two, the first record is required to provide real name, and because of the special nature of the site, so it has not been widely reported to the site, the main reason is that the site is special, afraid to not get approval for the record, but was shut down. Www.biao168.c>

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