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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; when it comes to 2D horizontal version of the act of action games, you will first think of what? "Street tornado"? No, this is an arcade game, not the network game. "Contra"? This is also wrong, shooting games, not action game. To say 2D horizontal version of the action game online,2D said

horizontal version of the ACT action online games, what do you think of the first

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" is wrong, the streets of the cyclone? Is an arcade game, not the network game.

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"contra"? No, this is not the action shooting game, the game.

longines watches< p > to say to the king of the 2D horizontal version of the action game, of course, is Teng Xun agent "underground city and warrior, this is a game with gorgeous moves, carefree combos and colorful underground city won the welcome of the majority of the players. As a horizontal plate reel fighting game, DNF has made a lot of people "cold".

longines watches< p > Xun Yu accelerator perfect experience "underground city and warrior DNF Xun swim the net swims the accelerator, but this game because too hot, too many users, often crowded violence server and because the game itself comes with security software TP is not very stable, often leading to game card dropped what’s death,
long dress, these flaws makes this game let a person feel a fly in the ointment. Have some players even helpless to call it as "dropped the city with the weak warrior,
silk nightgown, the name although poke fun at most of the ingredients are,
sexy sleep shirts, also shows that the players on the deep love and duty cut.

longines watches< br / > now I come to introduce a software, Xun Yu accelerator 2010 version, it can very effectively to improve the speed of the network, the "dropped the city with the weak warrior becomes smooth and comfortable, in line with the name it had the" underground city and warrior, to give players more perfect game experience.

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fast swim accelerator installation fast travel accelerator 2010 Edition

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is the first to log on to the accelerator site, find a fast tour of the 2010 edition of the download link, here to the friendship tips, the site address is: www.xunyou.com. Fast swim 2010 version of the software size at around 5MB, download the installation process is actually very simple, here is no more. After the installation is complete,Nightgowns Sleep shirts dress underwear, you must first register a new fast travel account, if your computer is the first time to use the accelerator, then the new account will be free access to 10 days of accelerated service.

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okay, now go out to play the underground city, I >

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