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color beauty Xu Jinglei interpretation of CITIZEN watch

< p > always straightforward intellectual Xu Jinglei the star of citizen "Xin Yue watch series" blockbuster,
bra, a body level sense of clear float chiffon vest red dress, make Xu Jinglei is a different kind of enchanting. Red like blood
Sleepshirts, randomly scattered hair, Xin Yue shining watch let Xu Jinglei became a watch movies the most sexy actress.

– Watch: CITIZEN "Xin Yue Tour" series

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[CITIZEN] collocation Raiders titanium alloy watch + red dress

this one with a date display and multi area features unique watch, so that the wearer’s thoughts are drifting to the exotic. Dressed in a red, become the most beautiful woman in this season,Sexy pajamas silk, wander the exotic environment.

of CITIZEN "Xin Yue Tour" series of EC1044-55W watches,satin nightgown; reference price: 6200RMB

Dolce II & Gabbana; lip gloss

Baker Ted wallets



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