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Washington was alluding to this drug, Sun Nan really has come back.

Sun Nan on the grounds of the right of reputation, the prosecution of a web site and blogger". This is called "words" of users has been directed at Sun Nan drug-related in the blog. Reporters learned today, Chaoyang Court has formally accepted the case.

since Sun Hing drug was arrested, a lot of entertainment stars are received, singer Sun Nan also in which.

today, the reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court filing court case, Sun Nan, the prosecution is a principal agent to the court for the prosecution, he did not come forward to the individual from beginning to end.

< p > reporter learned, thinks Sun Nan, blogger "language" of the article to the public and much publicized his drug use, and was other widely reproduced, affected his reputation and career. Sun Nan asked it to stop the infringement, the revocation of the article, a public apology, compensation for damages and damages 1 million yuan.< p > Sun Nan’s attorney, said, they just want to be able to through legal means to resolve the matter, eliminate caused by this unexpected calamity to Sun Nan and the negative influence.< p > yesterday, Sun Nan assistant accepted an interview with reporters, said: "Sun Nan itself is an Artiste, for some discussion of everyone to gossip and speculation he felt no relationship. But he thinks it is a very serious thing to say that he is a drug addict. We can’t talk to him like that."


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