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        "wonderful strikes, popular star turns into the atmosphere,, more relaxed and happy. It is reported that this Saturday will camp have R#183; baikaina in "Dancing" like zhangxinyu put word will come back again zhangxinyu "dancing miracle" perfect ending judges a tearful farewell to

"wonderful strikes, popular star turns into the atmosphere, more relaxed and happy. It is reported that this Saturday will be the headquarters of the R& B small king Khalil Fong and film star Zhang Xinyu. For the arrival of the female guests zhangxinyu, said his six years have not talked about zhangxinyu love Khalil directly in the "happy camp" marriage, zhangxinyu surprised also inevitably be xiena Oolong spoof doubled, were asked to live play kiss.

Zhang Xinyu and Khalil Fong

at ten< p > it is reported that the "happy camp" can be said is a happy dating show, the scene modified turned happy dating ", several enthusiastic host appealing to Khalil marriage, Xie Na is when pretty matchmaker,
canada Goose outlet, date of three female guests are zhangxinyu,,,< p > led a public group, in order to succeed rescue young single men, in addition to several host site crying hard outside, male and female guests also play interaction. Zhangxinyu are requested and Khalil optic ten seconds. When Khalil Fong and zhangxinyu contact for a few seconds, two people embarrassed laugh, shouting see not bottom go to.

Sheenah started the match Zhang Xinyu kiss

waves< p > "happy camp" the scene in addition to Khalil host waves has also been included in the rescue range within, perhaps happy family’s sake, he Jiong, Xie Na several presenters how will miss the opportunities to open Haitao joke, when turn zhangxinyu and waves interaction link, xiena started directly match two person play kiss, the scene atmosphere all of a sudden warm up, the whole camp toward a. The base camp will be on Saturday, May 28th, 7:35.·

; white Kennan to participate in the dance like Zhang Xinyu said it would come back

· Zhang Xinyu ",;dancing miracle" the perfect ending a tearful farewell to

· "dancing miracle" season third decimal nine white Kennan Zhang Xinyu was eliminated

· photos: Zhang Xinyu "Dancing" challenge moonwalk reproduction MJ classic

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