The Caribbean 4 story is simple and Jack, as always, June 1, 2011

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Pirates of the Caribbean "Depp continuation of the the grotesque style (1 / 4) for pirates of the Caribbean 4 seeds will be released on May 20," Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides "is the file this summer among the highest seeded player. "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is the new three

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4",longines watches; in the continuation of Depp’s bizarre style (1 / 4)< p > for pirates of the Caribbean 4 seeds will be released on May 20, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is the file this summer among the highest seeded player. Pirates of the Caribbean "as the task of a new trilogy, the new director rob & middot; Marshall’s helm, the film starts subtraction, try to keep the story simple, scenes around in several main characters, also not the pursuit of Dachang surface visual impact. Yesterday Guangzhou specimen after, the film generally evaluated passable, "Captain Jack" still get everyone’s "blown away",
click here, the audience feel the fourth set in the integrity of the story, well done, as the second and third set so long, viewers think the film lacks,, for like scenes of the producer Bruckheimer, very unlike is his style. The theme of adventure and treasure for pirates of the Caribbean "more like a pirate version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but film join fountain of the search team of Spanish but not in the traditional sense quest opponents, the final outcome also somewhat unexpectedly, this group of Spanish people making the pies are also the audience laughing" like "and" four olds ".< br / > the Caribbean 4 "the story is simple and Jack pay 2011 June 1st for pirates of the Caribbean 4 seed, despite the replacement of director, began a new adventure,, Johnny & middot; Depp plays the" Captain Jack "is still the biggest surprise of" Pirates of the Caribbean "," Captain "has even become the synonymous with him. Pirates of the Caribbean "Depp did not make the audience disappointed, the beginning of the film he captured by the British, but in front of the king and escape. The whole process free not with soldiers of the dogfight, his footwork and moves always so, upon escape still did not forget to in guest starring veteran actress Judy & middot; Judi Dench robbing the body and take her earrings. Judy & middot; Dench entire movie also play a shot or two copies, but Captain Jack and her erbinsimo up right away, Judy & middot; Judi Dench says the lines: "so fast is finished?" Also make the audience laugh.

, of course, the light of "demon" Captain Jack is not enough to win the love of so many viewers, the key moment he can always play all. In he looking for the fountain of youth in the process encountered bluffs overlooking, in order not to let the old lover Angelica (Penelope & middot; Cruz ornaments) make risks, he in no warning state beat jump, called "husband". Ww>

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