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breitling watch

< p > opportunities often in many cases are and risk coexist,
longines watches, scouring the Internet is so, also the collectors eyesight is also a test. So for these auctions,
rolex watches, polish eyes, Rolex, for example: Classic oyster date paragraph usually price of not less than 1000 dollars or euros, especially those very rare and special auction, the price is too low is likely to is not genuine. Often encounter many prices relatively cheap gold, rose gold or platinum watchcase Rolex. Most of the year of manufacture for the 1960s and 1970s, the dial usually has been changed or re processed.

here is worth noting that the Rolex or the green dial of the pink or blue, usually indicates that the dial is not the original part. 1960 years on the Rolex table appears on the mother of pearl dial is basically may be counterfeit. And a common fake: a subsidiary of Rolex table, a few years ago have been used to construct a fully consistent with the Rolex watch case and crown, so some people by modify the dial to enhance face, the Tudor changed Rolex high priced to sell. These "upgrade" Rolex is not difficult to identify, because of the open case, Tudor generally used only ETA movement.

in addition, in order to avoid future due or maintenance problems, it is recommended to carefully study the movement before the shot. Although not all online auction provides movement photos, but if there are photos, you can see the use and maintenance of traces, which also provide the extremely valuable information screw top, a lever or gear on the spot are traces of wear and tear, we must analyze the reasons of its formation, avoid buying have serious quality problems of products.

< p > at the same time, some years antique table also tried to fraud case, people from almost illegible photos for very rare and forgotten treasures in the drawer. But first of all you have to often appear in the recognition of a large number of fake. Some of the table is according to the ancient Atlas of sample assembly and movement in both rhodium plated and gold plated clip Banqiao, showing a "colorful" color combinations. Even though they are very nice, but not the design and production of the time. In Spain, India and other places,, producing a lot of suspicious antique watches.

< p > such as a ETA movement, installation in the case of citizen and a series of decorative, as a rare collection of quotations. Also similar to the paste a fake anti shock device, although it may be moving around, but it is impossible to run a long time, more no real value of the collection.

< p > of course, in addition to the big sites like eBay and some small sites can also buy a good thing, it will have to watch your vision and experience. In short, in the world of online shopping, shopping, and shopping is not a general thing, we must be on the alert!

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