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< p > the exhibition table to a series of WW1 leader also added to subvert the traditional instruction of red redar, red, BR0392 and redar, and blue ceramic… Etc. table fans love classic square series of new,
chopard watch, bold red beam and special material innovation, invite you to come to reconnaissance of eternal time limited charm! A new series of vintage Wrsit watch 1 (referred to as WW1) copy of the 1920s air pocket watch design, combined with modern flavor, turned to watch on the hand. Bell & Ross in a unique way to re interpretation of the history of military table design concept,
tag heuer watch, fully in line with the brand. "We have to explore the past, to enrich the contents of the table series." Bell & amp; Ross designer Bruno Belamich said: "from the beginning, we dedicated mil spec table. Now we in the 1920s first appeared in the pilot watches, trying to reproduce the style. The challenge is to be loyal to the clock production concept, but also to make them with & Bell; Ross design principles."

From the watch to watch

< p > reproduce the style of the process includes two stages: design extremely low profile control of the pocket watch PW1 (pocket watch 1),
hermes watch, and the launch of WW1 (wrist watch 1) watch. French soldiers during the first World War for the first time wearing the watch, the pilot again in the 1920s test,
Sexy Lingerie, and in the 1930s announced that it conforms to the technical specifications. Vintage WW1 to pay tribute to the era, its design inspiration from "roar in the 1920s" (roaring Twenties), but completely not significantly senility. Vintage WW1 hand on behalf of the 1940s link between pocket watch and watch, on the other hand completely reflect the bell & amp; Ross’s genetic code.

Bell &

; Ross in 2005 will be a unique BR01 meter. Until 2011, the brand again deserved to make the air force turned to hand wrist watch. Vintage WW1 filled with distinctive engraved features: large diameter wind pocket watch, the welding table ears, elegant and durable leather strap, extremely clear dial, through gloves can easily operate leading groove, and ultra high quality mechanical movement. Vintage WW1 as the 1920’s love for pilot watch. As of twenty-first Century, it is the most suitable for large, elegant, unique taste of classic watch with love. With neutral charm, the Flawless Style watches bring new trend is at the beginning of twenty-first Century: Jungui new classical doctrine.

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