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Patek (Philippe)

Ref. 5235 Annual Calendar calendar Regulator transfer< p > before called regulator watch we keep saying specification pointer or standard timepiece that three needle separation is to make it easier to see the time. But the introduction of the 5235 gives a new and correct interpretation of Regulator. Patek Philippe will be translated as calendar watch, seemingly simple translation, they reveal the actual function of regulator,
buy jaeger lecoultre watch, because in the adjustment of clock time, the watchmaker need to clearly see the second hand, so the clockwise moved to the eccentric position, so it does not appear to a few hours a day, the clock will cover the second hand.

< p > of course the most exciting or this table using the new 31-260 reg QA movement of, this is the first use of Silinvar® components of the new base movement, the Pulsomax® escapement device of the escapement wheel and fork escapement and Spiromax® gossamer are using innovative silicon based materials. Can be completely diamagnetic, shockproof, and excellent corrosion resistance, and no lubrication. Also engineers has reinvented the gear train travel, to improve the vibration frequency, reach 23040 times vibrations per hour, in reducing the friction and improve the energy conversion efficiency at the same time, to further improve the service life and reliability of the movement. In addition, engineers also choose a more flexible, more of the wind, so that the power reserve increased to 60 hours. Finally,, with the calendar function on Patek Philippe’s most popular, so this watch became all love table attractive objects.

Rolex Oyster (Rolex) Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

ceramic circle di – take the time table

Rolex’s biggest feature is the 70 years of constant change, so every time Rolex has a little change in the details, it will immediately cause the whole world, "Lao powder". So in 2011 when the Daytona launched ceramic ring, the exhibition can be said to boil the,Replica watches for sale, because Di Tong took on was born in 1963 began, is the first equipped with by Rolex exclusive research and innovation, the top ceramic manufacturing of Cerachrom black word ring.

new word circle adhering to the 1965 design, more anti scratch resistance, erosion and permanently keep a bright shine. On the outer ring of the scale through the PVD process on the pink gold, so that the number is easier to read. Absolute calculation is the traditional and scientific and technological extraordinary crystallization. Also in this table are assembled by Rolex in 2000 developed 4130 movement, the movement not only won the Swiss chronograph recognition,, is also equipped with by Rolex spare no effort to research and develop the blue Parachrom type hairspring, the gossamer uses the new alloy, with efficient diamagnetic and up to 10>

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