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< p > Huakaihuaxie, always wither. However, condensed in timepiece flower position in the shadows, but always fresh, which is truly representative of the spring. This class to watch "flower" into the title of, in the transfer of small disc space Weimiaoweixiao a flower type, plant stems and leaves, seems to have entered the spring garden, only in time of the disk still sweet, although not language, but love. Colorful interspersed among them, even joining noble metal elements, let value and admiration of a watch more superstratum building,
dealsforwatch, even without the blessing of the complex function, it’s enough to let a person heart longs for unceasingly.

EDOX flower enamel Limited mechanical watch

< p > EDOX always use 100 years superb tabulation process created countless first world professional technology this year to inherit brand, fashion and innovation for the spindle, for the first time across space-time with contemporary Chinese cloisonne enamel Master Zhang Tonglu cross-border cooperation launch a series of master enamel. EDOX Master Series enamel each must face, which lasted three months to complete, the number of rare and precious. Master enamel series led to small. The veliger outline auspicious flower peony, lotus,
Replica watches, lily, inspired by the Forbidden City, the imperial palace of the brackets and seal auspicious painting, they in the exquisite craft performance lifelike, can from the exquisite lines feel its dynamism and smart, vivid and bright color, feel to the call of spring and the infinite vitality.

Versace God Hibiscus watch

?< p > a Versace God? Hibiscus watch design inspiration from Hibiscus flower in full bloom when the bright colorful, the flower is actually known as hibiscus, hibiscus. The special feature of this watch is that it was inspired by a poem of ancient China. Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo "Jiang Jiao" poetry intoned Hibiscus "trickling tears dew purple smiling, flame burn empty Red Buddha mulberry, used to express their appreciation for the hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus chic, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained appearance,, there is a unique flower, used as a Versace God? Watch series of inspiration,, precision interpretation heart of modern women’s enthusiasm looks fine. This watch rose gold case warm metal luster showing romantic elements and elegant watches. Pose, surface decorated with lotus flower pattern, picturesque velum fades drawing method, found brand deliberately will be one of a petal Yun dyed pink and let the hibiscus flowers more vivid and abundant blooming with flowers in bloom to performance expectations of spring, on female freedom and rebirth of hope.

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