Noble not expensive monthly income of 10000 yuan to buy the table [figure] what _ watch _ famous sho

< p > there are statistics that most who love the table about to spend 2 months salary to buy love table, but there are a few people can accept spend six to 12 months salary to buy love table, today for everyone to recommend several monthly income of 10000 yuan for buy the watch.


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Rolex’s product line is not much, but it is also no one has ever questioned the Rolex". It is this "status quo" courage,click here, to provide a "a universal choice for us". Although Rolex’s people do not understand that it is not elegant, too much publicity, but Rolex in the selection,, movement technology, tuning, stability and other aspects of outstanding, is known as the life will buy the table.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint

!< p > submariner was born in 1953, is world first waterproof to a depth of 100 meters of watch, subsequently acquired patented triplock crown,
copy bags, strengthen watchcase sealing, waterproof to a depth increased to 300 meters. Rolex submariner is now dive table originator, ace of Rolex 3135 movement, a near perfect dive table. There are a lot of not the latest technology, absolutely suitable for the influx of new things men like.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint


this is definitely the love of the table will be purchased by a Rolex feature. This is the 50 anniversary of the release of Rolex celebrated diving watch watch, called "green ghost river". It has a unique Rolex date display window, rotating table. Rolex’s "green ghost" in recent years, almost no one knows,, the domestic price has reached 70000 yuan. Its full green dial is full of stylish and dynamic temperament, is very suitable for the pursuit of personality of the crowd.

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