One hundred thousand yuan advanced light luxury family classic lady you deserve major suit

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said OMEGA, I believe we are not unfamiliar. To the ranks of the quick start light luxury group,bag outlet, this from Omega disk fly a series of technical secondary school ladymatic lady to create a series of mechanical table is your choice. With a retro style classical style is very graceful and moving, and rose gold material and Omega exclusive corrugated shape is ladies to easily move the heart.

[Purchasing Guide]

Shanghai OMEGA retail store (shop in friendship store)

address: Shanghai Putuo District City Light Road No. 1219 friendship store store in central

Beijing OMEGA store (royal jewelry watches)

address: Beijing City, Xuanwu District Xuanwu street outside No. 8 South Zhuang Shengchongguang department store floor (royal jewelry watches)

phone: 010-63105191

Guangzhou OMEGA store (Baiyun International Airport)

address: International Department of Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport free duty-free goods Co. Ltd,replica handbags.

phone: 020-36067763

Hongkong OMEGA flagship store (Lan Fangdao)

address: No. 25, Tongluowan, Hongkong,,

phone: 00852-25040266


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