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< p > flower elements should always be regarded as synonymous with sweet, then diamond material rose ring and earrings is luxurious sweet best interpretation. Taiwan fresh sent beauty Guey Lun Mei dressed in a pink dress, staggered gorgeous flavor of a kind of layered design,, collocation of rose type ring and earrings, appear particularly sweet. Of course, the other can watch a flower embellishment, elements of the drilling table is definitely improved.

interpretation: collocation flower elements watch + diamond ring

< p > flowers can be said is… Very common elements, regardless of the flower shaped or flowers on the dial plate pattern, without exception, reveals a unique to women’s gentle and sweet. Here,, Xiaobian recommended white flower pattern watch or flower shaped diamond table, both of which can not only and GUI Lun Mei fresh sweet shape silhouetted against each other, highlighting the diamond ring unique luxurious and beautiful. Like a sweet style of the girl can be considered such collocation.

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