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Baignoire series that beautiful oval case is the most prominent features. Compared to the ordinary watchcase round, oval watchcase is more complete and full, slightly outward expansion of the contour curve in static and dynamic tension,, extremely easy to create suggestive visual thinking space.

Baignoire series

< p > traces the origin of this unique elliptical watchcase is by Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) in 1912 design. In that age of glitz, Cartier show a distinctive aesthetic orientation,
luxury watches, and succeeded in attracting, including the Duchess of Windsor nobility become its supporters. Due to the Duchess of Windsor, preference for elliptic, Cartier has for the specially designed a new oval watch, to overthrow the traditional image of the round watch, thus a elegance of oval shape watch presented in front of the world.

until 1973,buy jaeger lecoultre watch, the series was officially named Baignoire. Baignoire is a bathtub in French, humor vividly reflects the unique watches and bath similar appearance. This series is one of the philosophy of ellipse in the best embodiment, gentle appearance at the same time, selection of the sharp straight Roman numerals scale, flies lines and dot line consisting of scale, soft in the band just, a degree of retraction.

today, Baignoire is a female symbol of elegance, watch the gentle and smooth, the overall simple fashion. The rounded shape implicit, chain material, be the most changeful shape. No matter at any occasion, a piece of oval watches can respond freely,, create memorable style for other.

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