Outline depict the dream of wealthy family watch series [map] queen _ watch _ famous shopping guide

< p > wealthy family queen watch series (LA Regina) designed for modern women design, exquisite technology and elegant gorgeous design philosophy of combining, and with beautiful modelling the elegant eternal freeze in the wrist, poetic interpretation of the outline of the dream.

< p > wealthy family queen watch series (LA Regina) will be smooth shape, with beautifully detailed contour integration, could be called across the collection of time: overall modelling to fashion ellipse contains a circular dial,luxury4ubest.com, new instantly, highlight the modern style. The outer dial to 18k rose gold match top diamond, hyperbolic design to flow sporty gradient lines around the dream time, atmosphere there is no lack of ingenuity, making it one of the focus of public attention. Outer dial the snowflake inlay the unique technique, each diamonds are unique, by skilled craftsmen, such as stars,vacheron constantin watch, gentle fall on top of the dial, converging just like the Milky way like flow curves,http://www.love4usale.com, coiled wrist, ring poly center dial,luxury watches, gives the overall design unlimited romantic poetry. Slowly rotate on the simple pointer, and add more charming and elegant and luxurious style. Even with crocodile leather strap, so watch out the noble and elegant atmosphere of luxury.

< p > wealthy family queen watch series (LA Regina) is a tribute to the modern elegant female charm, sporadic unique elegance of a grid. Mosaic of rounded and elegant appearance of lines, simple and pure dial layout, bright and elegant, fine design, meticulous, blend, the achievements of the this dream like beautiful timing works. Wealthy family to drill beautiful moment for the league, wishing to achieve the dream of; in order to read the dream, remember every minute quietly passing of time, painting you dream time to shine.

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