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< p > to jewelry table is well known in the world in recent years to play supporting the launch of jewellery and watches,, to a single theme introduced complete sets of personal accessories is indeed a wonderful idea, province next cudgel one’s brains for matching jewelry of Kung Fu, and can show different noble aristocratic taste, for consumers both intimate and friendly. This table is amazing, light to see its shape has utter the secret words, what a letter saying as wanyuqianyan love letters can move the lover’s heart? Count limelight Valentine’s confidential love letter drill table, watchcase 18K white gold to build undoubtedly inspiration from letters, it is simply a mini and romantic envelope. After opening the envelope,
bag outlet, dedicated to the lover can not be replaced for the precious gift,, daughter is difficult to buy time.

< p > limelight love letter letter shape mysterious watch is undoubtedly convey your lover most intimate whispers: love you, love you. When the table cover, revealed in case only to diamond and single egg noodles cut rubies spelling the word "love"; once the case was delicately, by diamond spelled out "you" immediately greeted. Decorated with 28 Diamond Black dial,
copy bags, indicating the time synchronization is also for you. In this letter of love letter delivered before, you can engrave your private messages in this watch.

< p > design parameters: 18K platinum material decoration to 130 single diamond (about 0.8 KT) and a single egg noodles cut rubies (about 0.1 carat), equipped with the Earl of homemade 56p quartz movement, collocation 18K White Gold Diamond folding buckle and black satin strap.

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