Time in the memory of the breakdown of those watches [with Leslie Cheung] _ watch _ figure famous sh

Leslie Cheung: "as we start over"

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!< p > the spring scenery relief, Baorong favorite saying is "why don’t we start all over again", this sentence to Li Yaohui very lethal, unity and correct entangled wrapped around, but whether it is what kind of reason, as long as Leslie say this sentence, Li Yaohui always again with him together.

in fact, time is a cunning fox,www.topwatchbest.com, thought the past will be fine, but in fact all the things are recorded in time. They went to Argentina for a new start, the last man to return to Hongkong, a man lost in Argentina. "Start over" this sentence is still lethal, but Li Yaohui He Baorong said not to export opportunities.

wound on wrist anatomia

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!< p > brother Goju and economic charm is many people love to his cause, he blurred sound croon, dancing his graceful posture, always with the strong lethality. Brother love this Hermes around the watch from the designer Martin Margiela, slender black strap, silver square dial exquisitely beautiful, this watch elegant without losing the branching, as he that soft as well just double charm, only the elder brother so glamorous man can control.

with my brother’s silver Bvlgari

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!< p > Bulgari this Chrono watch has appeared in a lot of photos of his brother, was said to have died before he is wearing this watch,
http://www.chrono2u.com, the watch looks for his unusual. Bulgari Chrono when gold and silver two, brother chose the latter, silver bracelet, black surface, the only prominent is ring Bvlgari brand words. This brother as low-key and pragmatic people, accumulate steadily in silence.

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