The complex process of split second five double chase Chronograph recommended

DOUBLE SPLIT Lange watch series 404.032 rose gold watch

< p > a brief review on watch: Languedoc table can be described as double needle Chronograph field leader chase, which introduced a few years ago 404.032 rattrapante chronographs not only installed the precise jump points disc,, also has the friction force is eliminated from the meshing function. & quot; double & quot; double chasing needle can also be called & quot; every minute & quot; double track, the principle is in the time the second hand rotating ring at the same time, integral wheel pointer jump forward a grid to timing. This solution to the traditional time table time can not exceed 60 seconds limit. This table rattrapante Lange timing range can reach 30 minutes.

watch series: DOUBLE SPLIT

movement type: manual mechanical

18K rose gold case material:

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 43 mm

Quote: the 97800


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Lé man (lemam baopo;

6086-3442-55B watch series)< p > a brief review on watch: due to the complexity of double track chronograph watch, so only a few top brand watches only double track chronograph watch. This a Blancpain Leman double chase chronograph watch with is precious metals 950 platinum to create, is located above is chasing needle second hand below for timing the second hand. Press the first timer button, start time, the second two synchronous start. The second time in the case of normal operation, after the second needle can stop,, restart or zero operation. When chasing needle stop timing the second hand run separately for a period of time after, press after needle button, chasing the needle would quickly & quot; chase & quot; the timing on the front of the second hand and continue to run synchronously.

watch series: Lé,; man (lemam Series)

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: 950 platinum

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 38 mm

domestic price: $581100

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