Smart watches recommended time travel — Creadon scholar GMT (1) dual time watch

Clifton series GMT dual time watch 10111 and 10112

(& (Mercier), (Baume) has been the core element of its history since the founding of the Swiss strain (Jura) in 1830. Thus, Clinton series launched a new dual time watch, different time the dial can also indicate the two. For traveled all over the world,, busy business or personal travel to the urban elite, they want a glance read time of the current location and the original place of residence time, this simple and efficient watch just to meet the demand for their.

the art of travel is part of a famous historical heritage list. As early as nineteenth Century, the Swiss family knew "out of Europe, the importance of looking at the world".

< p > aware of the huge potential of the emerging markets. The famous "Frè res Baume" early in 1851 is in London in the name of "Baume brothers" set up a branch. Thus, the brand with the Swiss Geneva and the British Empire as the center, rapid expansion to North America, and in 1876 in the United States to establish a branch company. Subsequently, its sales network throughout India,, Africa and Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Burma and other emerging markets, amazing.

< p > the end of the 19th century, the brand has an international reputation, the production of exquisite timepiece in Paris,, Melbourne,, Zurich and Amsterdam, London and Chicago organized by the international exhibition was awarded the awards. Mercier watch beautiful and exquisite shape, craft sophisticated, breaking a number of accurate records and winning numerous awards contest time, which most famous is the organised by the Royal Observatory in the suburbs of London precise timing race record. London had unified the world time to play a central role in determining the now define Greenwich mean time (GMT) * of the Greenwich meridian was across the city of London Greenwich Royal Observatory.

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