Robert Downey, regression of Gao fushuai Iron Man three generations wrist PK big [map] watch product

new starting point: iron man was born

< p > back to the first we have to from the stark how turned iron man talk, as the worldwide largest arms supplier stark arms company’s newly appointed CEO, Tony taking into account the suave and gifted. Unfortunately, life is full of frustrations, terrorist attacks can only rely on nuclear powered artificial heart to sustain life, and then suffered a terrorist threat manufacturing powerful weapons of mass destruction,, which Tony’s super steel armor was born. Said "the day will fall Daren Yu people, we must first suffer their aspirations, hungry bones, the labor of their body skin, Tony’s super hero how can smooth it?,

Iron Man "wrist": Bvlgari Diagono moon watch

< p > review first. Tang Nini played Tony came to military bases show his high-tech weapons to the soldiers,, this scene makes quite impressive, when his worn is this Bvlgari diagono moon phase watch. This watch’s design inspiration comes from the ancient Greek sculptor Mirren "discus throw", it conveys the sense of strength and tension coincided with iron man, Tony wayward, arrogant, humorous personality fit. Equipped with this gold watch is Bvlgari self movement,, automatic and transparent bottom cover, 44 hours power reserve, with Tony’s armor steel as, is a spent painstaking efforts of the odds and ends.


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