The best mother’s Day gift within 50000 rose gold watch [figure] election recommended _ watch _ famo

atmosphere: the charm of the diamond inlay

recommendation: Raymond Jasmine watch 2935-PCS-00659 watch

series of good tea


from Raymond rose gold watch belonging to Jasmine Jia Ming series,, No. 2935-PCS-00659. It combines the modern and classic, stand out as the most beautiful woman on the wrist. This diameter is 35mm, and all around the set of glittering diamonds. Black leather strap gracefully around the wrist,, the elegant Rome digital reminiscent of classical art and elegant. It is the last Punchline date window.

recommended collocation

< p > in gave mother watches, it may also be able to as she picked a few pieces of elegant dress, so she could wear out their own style. The color of the red coat is not in the air,, which is immediately reflected in the beauty of the female. LV bag is a classic and generous, it is a universal collocation. The rough with the boots looks neat and simple. The wear on diamond and rose gold watch will be able to add radiance and beauty to each other, temperament perfect show.


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