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Vacheron Constantin

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was founded in Geneva in 1755,, Vacheron Constantin has never stopped the perfect pursuit of technology and aesthetics. Throughout the twentieth century, Vacheron Constantin launch of the countless people Yong Zhi unforgettable timepiece — crafted complicated timepieces from the simple and elegant styles to, from the daily wear styles to a valuable diamond watch, each a both on behalf of the luxury Swiss watch peak watchmakers art.

breaks the traditional

pioneer barrel shaped Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s breakthrough in the design of watches and clocks in the history of its clocks and watches set up a milestone in the history of. In 1887, when most watchmakers still operate a large-scale traditional pocket watch, Vacheron Constantin has made the its first gold watches. The product, has become a pioneer in the industry watch manufacturing. These watches mainly focuses in womens watch, and often with precious metals,, jewellery mosaic combination, can be referred to the art of time. However, true to the traditional watch design bring a breakthrough change, was born 1912 Vacheron Constantin tonneau watch. The barrel shaped watch made by Vacheron Constantin is to watch the huge challenge of the times, have had a profound impact in the watch industry. Are used to the circular pocket watch, Vacheron Constantin barrel shaped watch is a completely novel timer, dial decorated with the case modification details out of the ordinary. In addition, France also happens to be at the time of the rise of decorative art movement. Therefore, with the aid of the brand in Paris agent verger,, adding fuel to the flames, Vacheron Constantin barrel shaped watch was launched and achieved the unprecedented success.

Vacheron Constantin

barrel shaped watch

< p > to 1995, create 240 anniversary to commemorate the brand, Vacheron Constantin has launched a a landmark significance of the times of the barrel shaped watch, until then design barrel shaped watch manufacturer still can be counted on one hand, Vacheron Constantin worthy of as a leader in modern barrel shaped watch. After entering the new millennium, people find everything fresh and new "Malta" series Tourbillon watch hollow barrel shaped also turned out. This new series source name brand "Maltese Cross", as the original for movement clockwork box at the top of the small parts. It represents the clock operation of high precision. Therefore, this series in the name of "Malta", marking the fusion function, technology and culture of the barrel shaped wrist expression to a new peak, but also demonstrates the Vacheron Constantin since its inception in 1755 as a watch manufacturing pioneer Fuji status.

transfer 100 years of barrel shaped watch the beauty of

< p > Vacheron Constantin barrel shaped watch since the first production has a long history of 100 years, in circulation time in the 100 years, barrel shaped watch every memorable years left such as the mark of the Hui. Vacheron Constantin in the past hundred years to launch barrel shaped watch shapes,, thousands of customs, reflecting the different art forms. From the new art movement to the art deco style, from the barrel shaped typical to derive.

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