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gold Calibre 89

Patek Philippe gold 89


bid price: 5120000 Rui Lang (including commission)

time: November 14, 2009

< p > this table has 33 amazing complex functions,, including rare can run 28 100 years without any adjustments to the calendar. Like La Chaux de fonds international horological Museum on behalf of the administrator Jean Michel Piguet said. "It shows the people in a piece of machinery in the table can be thought of as all complex function. The Patek Philippe calibre 89 watch as one of the world’s most complex portable table, a total of 33 complex functions, number of components up to 1728. Is the 150 anniversary of the 1989 to celebrate the anniversary of the system,
Michele Watches, the development lasted 9 years.

its complexity beyond the 1933 Patek Philippe Graves Jr Henry for the antique table collector. Made with 24 kinds of complex functional watch. This watch is a limited production of a total of 4 pieces of gold, platinum,: rose gold and platinum, distinctive. Gold in 1989 by Antiquorum auction; 2004 platinum price auction to 6600000 Swiss francs. In addition, the charm of Calibre89 is still in its size: 9 cm in diameter, 4 cm thick, weighing 1.1 kg.

Patek Philippe ",;Leggenda Trossi" watch

Patek Philippe "Leggenda Trossi" watch

price: 2345000 Swiss francs (including commission)

time: May 12, 2008

< p > a super large, is out of print Patek Philippe Chronograph at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva will auction price. It before this was the Ferrari car company (Scuderia Ferrari president Carlo & middot; Felice. Teloch’s private property. The name "Trossi Leggenda" gold watch, also hit a Sotheby’s auction price of the watch. The count of Tero, who had worked for the car, had won numerous victories in his racing career, including the 1947 Italy Grand Prix.

this is only 46 mm in diameter of the time table is clearly the count of Tero, especially selected as the commonly used timer, in the car and flight movement, with an excellent reading function to achieve accurate timing. This watch has enormous symbolic significance and historical importance, it was born in 1932 is the rise of the car and aircraft, "Sotheby’s Geoffroy ader at a press conference before the auction said,," Patek Philippe and Ferrari the two outstanding name for this gold watch unique. "

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