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Vacheron Constantin "cocklofts craftsmen" custom watch service

< p > Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin in 2006 launched the "artisans attic (atelier cabinotiers) special customized service" is for customers to provide a unique personalized experience,, with was founded in 1755 precision watch production process, and to listen to customer needs patience for customers to build a far better than the product itself on the wrist "solitary".

Vacheron Constantin "cocklofts craftsmen" custom watch service

there is no series, no entity products, no product directory, only a pair of ears to listen to customer needs. All from the customer’s request,L. Leroy Watches, from the most simple to the most daring, all need to go through the special team of the special service in the attic craftsmen, the careful evaluation of the special team. These requirements must be consistent with the spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s watch to get through. Subsequently, the special order of the attic artisans service to the clock production experts gathered together. Each new project involved in the development of technology is supported by a team of engineers, mechanics,, and a team of engineers. Their joint efforts to transform the most bizarre dream into reality technology.

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