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The French border town Charquemont

Charquemont the French border town of Berlin he watches the birthplace of

From the beginning of the < p > kuafuzhuiri, people is endless to the way to compete for time and attempted to chase the sun to keep pace with the time pace. Later, people began to study how to measure the time, and learn how time can not chase, but to cherish the truth.

before leaving, has been thinking about the significance of the exploration of the road to explore how to plan. In addition to the experience of Europe’s deep culture of watches, better experience the local cultural characteristics. As red wine how to be popular in China, people began to yearn for it’s birthplace, a probe into what, in the end the flow of red aroma, is how to create,, in which there is a wonderful story and origin. To this end, the decision to the French and Swiss border the border town of charquemont end,, then all the way to the north, arrived at the Hanover, Germany, traveled south arrived step German production base of watches and clocks Gela Soviet peduncle Glashü TTE and finale of the station is global watchmaking center, Switzerland.

< p > is located in eastern France, with the Swiss border charquemont charquemont is a have exquisite watchmaking technology is famous in the world of the village. From Favre junction charquemont Michel herbelin he Bailin, passing the Swiss watch movement of excellent quality,, integration of the elegant French style design style and superb tabulation technology, showing the art of life to the people. Arriving at charquemont is already in the afternoon, compared to domestic hot summer weather, the climate here is cool a lot of, faint Valley, rolling clouds, waves of water. All of these, and those with international standards of "CBD" are a far cry from. Perhaps in such a quiet and comfortable climate, people can calm heart and complete in every detail of the watch. CEO Pierre-Michel Herbelin Herbelin, Mr., received a warm welcome to our visit. When you in the midst of herbelin he Bailin of production center, you will suddenly realize, fruit its otherwise, such as non heart be quiet, such as non thoughts can be not impatient, how can the watches made art?,,

: Berlin watch

< p > every in the stage of the work of craftsmen, skilled craft and aggressive. Their main job is complete herbelin he Bailin of each of a process. The bridge of the screw is spent much time, and need to be checked and set up many times, for example, to complete a small bridge takes up to 2 hours of working time. If all the parts are well prepared, the whole process of the watch will take 5 to 6 weeks. Their motto is, whether to watch the crocodile leather strap, or small sports >

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