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the principle of

a lot of people when it comes to complex functional watch, will certainly have heard of "tourbillon" three words. As early as the watch is not to appear in the 1980s, tourbillon device of the invention is a revolution of the watch industry initiative. Today, the significance of the flywheel has been far beyond the original intention of the invention, has become a symbol of the Advanced tab, which is a wonderful combination of mechanical and aesthetics,, is a luxury art.

Tourbillon what so expensive

same piece of watch,, there is a flywheel device, a sudden can be ten times more expensive. This is largely because of the tourbillon represents the highest level in the tabulation process,, Tourbillon manufacturing process complexity, precision, and rigorous make Tourbillon watch has become the hot product used in the world, while at the same time,, it can Tourbillon watches price soaring provides a fully guaranteed.

what is the Tuo flywheel

what is the Tuo flywheel

Tourbillon is a Swiss watch guru Louis · Mr. Breguet in a clock control device invented in 1795. "Whirlpool" French Tourbillon (so it is also called turbillon) is equipped with "rotary escapement speed adjusting mechanism of mechanical watches. The main function is to Tourbillon mechanism error correction of gravity caused by mechanical watches. In the tourbillon watches, the escapement regulator combination together, and can to a certain speed continues to rotate, so that the gravity of mechanical watches & quot; escapement system & quot; the effect of reduced to a minimum, this can effectively improve the accuracy of travel time. Due to its unique mode of operation, has put dynamic art of watches and clocks hair waved to the pinnacle point, has always been known as "the king of the table".

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