Blancpain aspirations to the top of the senior tabulation released the world’s first Chinese calenda

won the Advanced tab top released the world’s first Chinese calendar

< p > this section of the almanac recognize the obvious the Chinese traditional timing of mysterious beauty, by the Chinese for thousands of years of entrenched timing principle. Timepiece dial layout, refined, an hour hand,, a minute hand and the standard calendar vividly disc, more integrated into Chinese traditional calendar of important timing elements, such as 12 hours (24 hours),, the date for lunar new year, lunar month (a combination of a leap month display), Zodiac years, even five elements and the ten Heavenly stems. Zodiac corresponding to the twelve Earthly Branches, and of the ten Heavenly Stems in order to match the basic unit of sixty or sexagesimal, commonly known as "Jiazi",, constitute the core of Chinese traditional culture. As a full-time Blancpain calendar watch an important timing elements,, moon phase of profit and loss function and the traditional Chinese calendar is closely related to, in the operation of a timepiece that play an important role.

won the top senior tabulation Blancpain released the world’s first Chinese calendar

and the solar calendar as the basic unit of the standard calendar is different, the Chinese traditional lunar calendar system, namely, the monthly cycle (29.53059 days) as the basic unit of the solar calendar. A lunar year contains 12 lunar month (354.36707 days), than a calendar year (365.242374 days) about 11 days less. Therefore, some years there will be a leap month (such as on the dial "La" below), in accordance with the cycle of the seasons. In view of each lunar month (including Chinese leap) began in the new moon, the month long 29 days or 30 days. Thus, contains the intercalary month lunar years but in reality there are 13 months, older than the Gregorian calendar; on the contrary, excluding the intercalary month lunar year only 12 months, is shorter than the solar year. The typical characteristics of this traditional calendar, which is the cause of the Chinese Lunar New Year date.

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