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< p > the mechanical watch travel time actually not accurate,
www.fashion-chrono.com, usually error of the manipulator is in the + / – 30 seconds / day, and quartz watch error is within + / – 0.5 seconds / day. This is because the internal movement parts is numerous,
www.onheresale.com, but also because the structure or material limitations, there is mutual operation is not precise enough problems, so watch adjustment has always been unable to avoid. This uncertainty, in particular, makes the assembly after the fine-tuning is very complicated. So it is said that the time to adjust the mechanical table, often to account for more than half of the total mechanical assembly time.

< p > even assembled, table to buy back, in the future to wear, due to the external environment, temperature, impact, vibration, magnetization, lubricant aging a series of issues affecting watches tend to more and more no walking,
www.heuer-breitling.com, as with the age of aging phenomena in the human, is a sigh helpless. The traditional watch adjustment is accomplished using a hairspring of, as is known to all, the gossamer is the soul of a medal machine, the part control wheel. Just as the human soul weighs only 21 grams, all moving parts are in the lightest gossamer movement, is also the most important. The other part of a movement to do better, if gossamer have what problem, this watch will not go. Gossamer material properties,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, length, width, thickness, elastic and shape determines a timekeeping accuracy.

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