The daughter is difficult to buy those amazing enamel enamel Watch

‘s hard to buy those amazing enamel enamel watch

< p > enamel watch prices are not cheap, is that this process requires for the furnace master right and craftsmen itself has a very superb skills and rich experience. For insiders and senior table fans,, if you see a watch dial gloss is very good, and not color, is likely to it is plain enamel surface. Many brands are now adopting the "big fire enamel", this process because of the rare and let the value of double watch. It is in the firing process, in the same enamel repeatedly coloring and burning, cooling, almost repeated three times can really achieve the perfect standard. Plain coloured enamel,, a little bit of small flaws are very obvious, especially black enamel, yield is very low, prices high number is a natural things.

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‘s hard to buy those amazing enamel enamel watch

Harry Winsto

exotic bird theme watch

< p > Harry Winston’s first attempt to combine glaze and diamond, the little-known process fusion watch the traditional craft and jewelry mosaic art, and eventually create a unique charm and accord with contemporary style beautiful and delicate work. Exotic birds exotic birds to maintain Avenue series has always been a classic and elegant square frame,, in the rich colors of the glaze and the jewel ornament,, underlines the she cathartic elegant charm.

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